Round 7 mosport last turn battle for P2 |

Round 7 mosport last turn battle for P2

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Mar 4, 2019
Date: 29.04.19
Members Involved: Enar Mariinsky
Lap & Corner: Lap 17, Last corner

Description: Went round the outside in T10, i was clear for the left hander moved over what i thought was enough to hope he would not try squeeze down inside but then Enar Mariinskydecided to shove it back down the inside and not even react to me braking and hits straight into the back right of me, Causing overseer for the remainder of the race



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Oct 19, 2018
Sory that happened to you the moove was done in my books. I wasnt trying to shove myself back incide you just slowed down before the righthander more than i aticipated. I stepped on the brakes as soon as i saw that , but unfortunately iracing decided to netcode into you. As you propably noticed iracing didnt even register this collision as 0x and from my point of view it looked like you just spun on your own.


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Aug 26, 2014
The stewards feel that whilst there was some netcode involved here, ultimately the collision likely still would have happened.

Therefore we hand @Dandy a 10 second time penalty for this incident.

Closed. @Macestreaming @Dandy
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