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PC Round 8 - British Grand Prix [18/06/2017 - 8:00pm UK time]


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May 24, 2017
Hi Guys,

Qualifying: Was 1 second off my TT pace, not sure why but that hurt me!

Race: Well my race was a disaster from start to finish!

Unfortunately i jumped the start because i was changing the brake balance for the wet weather the race started in, then accidentally double tapped A which lurched me forwards! tried to stay out of the way given i had a drive through, slightly missed the breaking point and bumped the rear of @H_pro1 which sent me spinning and was bumped into by a Merc, dont think there was much blame to be had by anyone,

was in last place then did my drive through and put myself 30 seconds behind the next player infront. managed to get to 12 seconds to the car ahead by the end of the race

Ctzn Ely

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Mar 6, 2017
What are your in-game camera settings? Seems very nice to drive in that view.
Field of view: 0.00
Offest - Horizontal: -0.15 (changes in function of the car I'm driving)
Offset - Vertical: 0.40
Angle: -1.00
Near clip plane: 0.05
Mirror angle: 0.00
Camera shake: 50.0%
Camera movement: 0.0%


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Apr 27, 2017
Quali: P3

With the 2 week break I had not played any F1 at all until a few hours before race time, I wanted to make the most of having extra time to enjoy other things and not think about the league too much. So my honest expectations were that pole will be impossible for me and that seemed to be the case as both @Ely' and @Metten had a pretty comfortable pace advantage over one lap so props to them. Still, I held a bit of hope that in race trim that I'd be able to stick with the front pack.

Race: P8

Again we had a wet start which didn't bother me, my 2 wins in the league both came in mixed conditions so I guess it's a good omen for me now hehe. Got a good launch off the line and was in P2 behind Ely and followed him for the first stint. Also have to mention @KurvZ for his quick pace just behind us, was definitely keeping me honest and deserving of his podium result.

I pitted earlier than I needed to but I was predicting that the track would be dry around lap 16 which would be doable on another fresh set of inters at that point. This got me ahead of Ely and after passing @Scott_Aitchison I was in the lead but not long after Ely got past again and the status quo was resumed.

My estimate on when the track would dry up seemed to be a bit off which eventually resulted in a puncture on lap 19. It was pretty tough to take as I was so tempted to pit just before it happened but I stayed out and it cost me dear. To make matters worse after doing about 2/3 of the lap with 3 inflated tyres I overshot the pit entry and got a instant drive through penalty. After all that I was in 9th with little chance to make any positions.

The rest of the race was pretty miserable to drive and eventually was done and got 8th. Nothing much else to say other than it was pretty bad for me. It's been a while since I've done a league race that had gone that badly so quickly.

So here's hoping for at the very least a trouble free race at Hungary and get back to some big points hauls.



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Sep 19, 2014
Not proud of this race, but here my POV for while it lasted :p

Didn't expect you to make that sharp rejoin to track, wasn't my intention to spin you - sorry for that m8 :)