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PC Round 8 - French Grand Prix [02/12/2018 08:00PM]


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Dec 25, 2017
This was a race with lots of mixed feelings.

First qualy: My first run got me P1 and my second run was even better. Then I go for my usual personal pitstop (toilet) before I do my last run. I got back and was demoted to P4. Of course it was expected that I would drop down a bit, but still disappointing. My last run wasn't faster, as far as I can remember, and I was stuck on P7 on the grid.

My race then... I got half spun in T1, but can't really expect anything else when going three wide into that corner. But after that things went south a bit. It seems that @Rali 16 broke too late when approaching turn 3, hit @SkyKartoffel , which then hit me, breaking my end plate of the front wing. It didn't cost me too much time at first, but the car was still drivable. I decided to keep driving with it and replace the wing at my only planned pitstop at lap 7. When the Ultra's became worn, I could really feel the damage of the front wing as the understeer became almost unbearable.

So then my pitstop at lap 7 to Softs including the replacement front wing. I actually wanted to pit in lap 6, as @Kiinako was scheduled to pit in lap 7. But he pitted earlier than expected, which opened the opportunity to pit in lap 7 instead. Softs were oke, pace was stable until I got to @Sabba7h and @Rali 16 . They were fighting massively for a position and I was almost inside @Sabba7h 's gearbox. Then he made a move I really didn't expect which broke my front wing. As this was lap 13 and I needed another new front wing, I went into the pits and fittes Supers to get to the end of the race. I thought my race was done. 2 pitstops with lots of time lost due to incidents isn't really helping.

But approaching the end of the race I overtook some cars and crossed the finish-line with P8 on my dash. Which then got changed due to penalties taking effect and got promoted to P6. A really unexpected solid points finish after losing a lot of time. Qualy P7, which is the best I've done, next to Australia. And thinking of the time lost due to front wings, I could have been close to a podium, again.