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PC Round 8 - French Grand Prix [06/10/2019 - 08:00PM UK]


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F1 Coordinator
Sep 6, 2018
Last call to everyone about my incident with @Hurricane , those ones driving behind me, is there a chance any of you caught something on tape??


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Dec 14, 2017
Congratulations on the podium @StuN and @spawnieSTAR
That was another tough wet race in our league.
In the end staying on overheating wets turned out to be the best call.
Also at the start of the race I touched with someone and I want to apologize for that. I was sandwiched by many cars and I tried my best to stay clean there
I think someone drove into me turn 2 and spun so I'm sorry once more
Hello Guys iam finally back :D
i got a ip block lol thats why i got no access in the AOR Page :D
Congratulations to you!
The race was a lot of fun.