PS4 - ROUND 8 - FRENCH GRAND PRIX [2/12/18 8:00 PM U.K.] |

PS4 ROUND 8 - FRENCH GRAND PRIX [2/12/18 8:00 PM U.K.]


S13 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
Nov 27, 2016
Based on the last race, I just went all out for this one. Threw on all the Ultrasoft tyres that I could and tried to make something out of it.

Decent first lap personally for me. Followed by getting distracted by cars at T1 and not knowing where exactly they were going to go. Abandoned that lap and went straight away again, not to finish the lap but to just see a potential time. On my final lap I was only able to improve by a tenth, resulting in a qualifying position of P12.

Had a good start and managed to gain a position, which didn't last long as I decided to completely destroy my own race. Down the long straight before the chicane, I got caught out and ended up hitting the back of @TheogGR1 and damaging my front wing. I'm really sorry about that man, but I'm just glad I didn't completely take you out! I then took the escape road, going slowly to allow others to pass so I could rejoin safely at the back, but I still ended up with an instant 10 second penalty. I pitted for a new wing and a set of Soft tyres, knowing that I'd now have to needlessly pit again...

It was a bit of a lonely race after this, although I have no idea what happened to @Alex20 on Lap 4, but he ended up dropping far back which let me gain a position. A few pitted on this lap too which I ended up just about 4 seconds off them and was somewhat able to match their lap times. I was able to jump @APeeeX_EU when they pitted, as well as a few pitting on Lap 16 which I didn't expect, nor realise until the end of the second sector as I was hoping for a Safety Car, but it didn't look like it was going to happen and so I decided to react and pitted as well.

The VSC did appear though after an incident with @TheogGR1 and @Nexus1011. Not enough to help me out though, except I gained two more places to claim P14. To my surprise though, Nexus on a new set of Ultrasoft tyres, didn't end up catching me up. To an even bigger surprise, I saw @DemoN pit on Lap 22 for Ultrasofts, and I actually managed to catch up! I was right on his tail on the final lap. I'm not sure what the issue was, but I thought I had screwed it up at the chicane on the long straight by going too deep, but I managed to catch up again in the final sector, where he seemed to really struggle there and managed a pass at the penultimate corner to snatch P12!

So a mixed race. Completely destroyed my own race which was my fault, which then turned lonely, which then ended up with some fun at the end haha. Annoyingly, if you take away that extra pitstop and the time lost during the whole incident and rejoining the track safely, you could argue that I could have been potentially battling for 8th in this race. So really disappointing that I could have perhaps gotten points, but it was my own fault. Ah well...