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PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [09/12/2018 08:00PM]


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Jan 14, 2014
That was honestly one of the most enjoyable races I've had in a long time.

Pre-race: Was out in the city, having a few beers and didn't think I would be back in time for the race. Hadn't done any practice during the week, didn't have a set-up, had a few pints inside of me > so it wasn't looking too good for me.

Q: 18th - +1.1s of pole
As I hadn't done any practice during the week, I put on one of the pre-set setups (4, i think?) and gave myself some SS boots, a bit of fuel and just did like 6 laps to see how the car felt. Was quite confident at this point, luckily Austria isn't a hard track and I've done a few sprint races here.
Had 2 sets of purple boots waiting for me in the pits, with enough time to do a few runs. First runs went alright, think I was still last but not by as much as I expected to be. At this point I think I was still withing a second of pole.
Second set of runs, I was up by about 0.4 in the first 3 corners, but unfortunately spun it and damaged my wing slightly. P18 it was.

R: 9th - S (21) - SS
Took it very carefully into T1. Expected there to be a bit of carnage, because the exit of T1 tightens quite a bit. And there was. Took the inside into the hairpin, I think I was in P15 or something at this point. It took me a few laps to get into a rhythm, but luckily I had @Neil Bywater right in front of me - so I just followed him for the most part. We managed to close up to @djole74 & @Billamy - he overtook them quite quickly, it took me a little more effort. Was really fun battling though.

I think I stayed out the longest on my first set of tyres. Sorry for the guys battling for the podium, I think I might have held you up a little bit ;P Wasn't gonna fight you once you were right next to me, but also didn't just want to let you through - didn't want to sacrifice my own race :)

Made my stop on L21, onto the supers. Came out in something like P13/P14, right behind @Katrer. Had a fun little scrap with him, but I was a bit quicker on my fresh supers. Sorry if my overtake looked a little too aggressive, I slightly locked up and couldn't turn in as much as I wanted to D:
From this point on I was just reeling in the cars in front, who were on older softs. Had a pretty sweet overtake around the outside on (I think) @djole74. And had a few more battles with other people, but don't exactly remember who.
All the battles were clean from PoV, hope they were from all of yours as well!

Was right behind my teammate @Levingston & @Dominy at the end, but didn't quite have enough pace left in my tyres in the end to get close enough to try and overtake. In the end, with all the penalties I got 9th! One less penalty, and I would've been 6th - a bit of a shame, but I guess I should've kept it cleaner ;)

Congrats to @Frihman with your win! And @Sweatu & @DwergC on your podiums!

Thank you all for the race & see you all next week for the last race before the christmas break :)