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PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/17 8:00 pm]

In the rescheduled race during the intended break week, would you rather race at Monaco or Austria?

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Feb 13, 2017
Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix
AOR F1 2017 Season 14

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 10th December 2017
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Red Bull Ring
Laps: 36

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules & regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

Useful Links:
Results & Standings
League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

Confirmed no-shows:
@Rick Vige

@LRT c1rcle
@boxen (probably)
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Rick Vige

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 3, 2015
Won't be racing tonight , as i'm ill. Wish everyone luck and hopefully the race goes well :).

Cya all next week.


Formula 4 Test Driver
Sep 19, 2017
Can't attend, some high request work came through that I need to finish tonight.
GL all


Pro Karter
Sep 24, 2017
Sorry the weather right now is really bad and my electricity is going on and off


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Sep 8, 2017
This race must be rescheduled. I thought yesterday was a joke bcz how late we started (30 min delay) nd how many times we restart the lobby and at last started the race without qualifying:oops:. I thought this is like a practice race or something but just found out that the results published in the driver standing. I don't really wanna race like this..... @Coyote @Rick Vige @Mrozio @boxen @Attakajakka @McQuillan @Matthew1601 @pipo@Hammsta @Jezza @XM8 x TrIcKsTeR @JERRY @Wesseltl123 @Ferrius @Pecos @LRT c1rcle@Jebus @Cheik @BDave17Maddog40


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Feb 13, 2017
Should explain at this point that the results thread is only preliminary, they can be changed. The situation is being discussed.

Although don't automatically assume that an official race is a "practice race" or anything like that unless specifically told by a co-ordinator.


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Aug 11, 2016

The results from the Austrian Grand Prix held yesterday, 10/12/2017, have been declared void and will not count towards the championship standings. This is due to the race being started having not completed a qualifying session, and the starting grid being assembled at random by the game.

Ordinarily this would lead to the race being postponed and then rearranged at a later date within the season, however, with the only available break week already being used by this tier to re run a race, there is not the availability to postpone both. As a result, a poll has been set up in this thread asking the drivers whether they would rather race at Austria or Monaco in this break week, and the track with the fewer votes will not be used this season as a result. The vote will close a week today.

I offer apologies to the drivers who attended; we are working together to try and ensure that the lobby will not be the cause of any issue from now until the end of the season, whether it be connection or setting related issues.

@Coyote @Rick Vige @Mrozio @TheLazyLama @boxen @Wesseltl123 @JERRY @XM8 x TrIcKsTeR @Jezza @hammster @pipo @Matthew1601 @McQuillan @Attakajakka @Ferrius @BDave17 @Cheik @Jebus @LRT c1rcle @Pecos @Maddog40
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Sep 10, 2017
In my opinion, a race is a race even with 8 drivers or with 20. Also note that i was qualified banned and i got last place or near that because other drivers joined late, still fair in my opinion. As i said its just an opinion

also to note that i am not sure that i can attend at the next gp @Maddog40 and @DemoN
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