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PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/17 8:00pm]

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Kane Jr

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Jan 28, 2017
Q: 15th

Was actually 16th but for @Clint58's penalty that promoted me one place. I was aiming at a 1:07.5/6 so I was about a half second off where I wanted to be; I've always seemed to struggle with qualifying. The wrong track to be off it, very close. We must be doing something right for mistakes to mean a lot in this league. Starting so far back I was worried it would be chaos into the turns on the first lap.

R: 6th (SS/US 21)

Really threw a 'Hail Mary' with the strategy starting down the field. Had not tested this permutation, but banked on the US lasting once the fuel load had gone down. I seem to be good at tyre management but it made it hard for me to stay on the pace early doors. As the race settled down I got into a better rhythm but because everyone else's strategy was different I really had no idea where I would come out. I knew I would rise up the field staying out and get a decent track position before pitting. I was alarmed that everyone who was faster was seeming to make their way past by about L16 and I had yet to pit! However, I was hopeful that with about +2 laps of fuel left to start the stint I had to push on after the stop and luckily I had clear track when I needed it.

So, pitting from 4th place I came out 9th and only really benefitted from 1 retirement and took @LukeBin010 on the line (he had a puncture) and @Nasom had time penalties so 6th feels pretty rewarding given the start.

Great debut for @LolFish42, Austria is the kind of track that can really be quite intense (I found it draining TBH; rinse, lather, repeat) as I was OK racing him for a few corners, the only other defending I really did was against @Rienk ven Droon & @Kiinako pretty much blasted past but overall despite the lack of real racing I was pleased that the strategy paid off as I'd done stints on the S and found it lacked any kind of pace.

Great to see your videos are back!
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Neil Bywater

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Jan 20, 2014
Well done @Kiinako, dominant win
Buzzing with P4! Best finish for me for sometime. One stopped, stayed out of trouble and just drove fast.

Was following @Neil Bywater early on, hoping to catch him into P8 and jump him in the pits. We both went through the field and before I knew it that battle earlier was for P3. Finished a fair way behind but still, well done to you sir.

Since moaning about not scoring a point all season, now scored 3 consecutive point finishes. Think a move to F1 is in order for me ;)
I just watched side by side sync of our races. My 2 lap undercut was decisive. Otherwise there was nothing in it


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 22, 2017
I just watched side by side sync of our races. My 2 lap undercut was decisive. Otherwise there was nothing in it
Exactly that, your undercut was crucial. I was thinking of coming in sooner and 2 stopping but was unsure right up until my stop what to do.
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