PS4 - Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/2017 8:00PM] |

PS4 Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [10/12/2017 8:00PM]


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Nov 19, 2017
Thought I'd post my delayed review from the race, not that anyone should care about p10 :lol:

Qualifying - P11:
Just wasn't on the pace at all, I thought I wasn't bad around Austria but obviously most people were a whole lot better...

Race - P10:
Well it all went wrong from turn 2. Had a good start and gained 2 or 3 places before I clipped the car infront at turn 2 and lost a chunk of front wing. Immediately had to change my strategy as a result and spent 10 laps limping round to try and make a 2-stop work instead (apologies to anyone stuck behind me in this time). Had to then drag out the middle stint longer than I wanted but was in pretty clear air at least and it looked like p8 was the best I could do. Came in for my final stop with about 11 laps left to fit ultras and thanks to one of the tightest pit exits there is and just some plain stupid driving I managed to damage my front wing, pretty much ending my hopes of catching up to p8/9, got within 3 seconds by the end but I just didn't really give myself a chance.

Not sure how I feel about next week, not usually great at Britain but as long as I can have a clean race it'll be an improvement


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Nov 27, 2016
Think there must’ve been a bit of lag between us cuzyoir description makes it sound like I was driving dirty.

For me on lap 1 top of hill i was nearly alongside you on the inside, broke a touch earlier than much standard point, hit the apex and left you plenty of space on the outside. To me was a completely clean move, don’t know if you saw it differently or I’ve just misinterpreted what you said.

And for our lap 2 battle I also left lots of space on the exit of turn 2 and we were alongside on exit where on my screen it seemed like you lost the back end on the exit for a second and hit into me (very lightly). Don’t know if that was different for you?

Just wanna clear it up cuz imo I positioned my car very fairly the whole time but it sounds like you think differently
Noooo sorry man, I didn't mean for it to sound like that!

On mine for Lap 1 it looked like you nearly hit Johnny at the corner haha, maybe it was just the angle from my view point but you're right about hitting the apex, which is what I meant about me not being able to turn in, that was all. It was fair driving, no problems. =)
As for Lap 2, you could be right but it looks like I got the contact first, I don't know but anyway no worries man, it's all good! Sorry if you thought I was accusing you of unfair racing but that's not the case, it was fine. =)
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