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PC S13 AOR PC Split 3 - Main Thread


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May 19, 2017
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a big thanks to all of you here for this season. Most fun I had on a racing game so far. First league experience and I must say an addiction has arrived ;). At the start I didn't know what to expect, but I was driving in the points immediately. Wasn't expecting that at all, but to be able to fight for the podium (4 podiums and 3 poles :O) and even get my first AOR win in the last race of the season is really nice! I'm definitely a lot quicker compared to my first race. Also my new wheel helped out. Thanks to especially @KurvZ for helping me with that one. It made me spend some money, but it is worth every penny and I would recommend it to everyone haha.

Also want to thank some other people. @Ely' for the great battles (especially USA) and a lot of fun practice. Ofcourse also all other people which I have practiced and driven socials with. @Jipper for hosting the last couple of races. Love your dry weather hosting ;):p and ofcourse the big boss @H_pro1 for coordinating and hosting during the season (Love your wet weather hosting haha). Must say the very clean racing of everyone was the most important to me and made it so fun!

As most of you know I will probably be inactive on the forum from Oktober untill December, as I'm going to travel to the Western area of the world. Won't participate in the F1 2017 league season from the start, but maybe later as a reserve driver or in the second season if there will be one again. But I hope to see you all for F1 2017 and other games in the future and have some good online racing :D.

Thanks again, cheerssss!


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Sep 11, 2016
Congrats to @Ely' for winning driver's championship as well as pretty much providing all the points to win the Constructor's championship for Renault as well. 226 of the 228 points for the team.
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