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S3:R1 - Spa Francorchamps


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Oct 24, 2016
It seems like everyone had a very different experience in the Apex Online Racing Formula Ferrari Challenge With Ford And Now Porsche As Well League.
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Rin Hato

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Oct 17, 2016
I messed up quali so badly, ahaha. 16th wasn't where I could have been. Managed to dodge the incidents on lap 1, and got onto the back of the @Stevie @1185323118 @The Genius train, sat there biding my time and saving some fuel. Started picking up the pace a bit and was beginning to think about passing, until Stevie spun and there was contact between Waldo and Yuanxi as I was making a move, so I ended up suddenly in clean air and could push.

Almost forgot which pit we were supposed to be using and got worried but it all turned out okay, then as I came out of the pits @RaikoGordon24 caught, passed me, spun and sadly died, leaving me with clean air again. Decided I would try to catch up to @Nukka and @Gxbbs before the race finished, managed to catch a bit before Gxbbs lost it and was 2sec away from Magnus at the finish.

Overall I'm pretty happy with a 16th to 5th race in a car I've never driven before and on a track where I can't see where I'm going <:


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Aug 6, 2016
Was great fun.

After Yesterdays practice I was a bit disappointed to see myself P13 in qualy, but still had high hopes for the race.

Had a bad start and my fuel calculator was using the in-game chat which was annoying, luckily it only did it in the first lap. Was already worried that it would spam the chat the whole race long. After the first lap I had some battles with guys who probably had some damage as they were faster in the corners, but slower on the straight. This lead to a lot of off-tracks for me. Also got 4x after giving someone a small tap on the rear (sorry). So with 50 minutes to go I now had 12 incident points, not ideal. luckily I was driving on my own after some guys pitted, so I could keep the incident points to a minimum. Was catching Niclas who was 10 seconds in front, eventually overtook him in les combes. Tho I took some optional repairs, so after my pitstop I was behind him again. Came within a second again, but then with 6 minutes to go I got my 15th incident point, so I dropped my pace by 2 seconds and let Niclas go, couldn't take the risk.

And I'm still in time to watch England getting kicked out of the WC.
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Sep 7, 2017
Next time i will pay more attention to countdown timer for Q. I don't know why but i thought Q are 30 min :D
So i started dead last and make some good progress until someone spin right in front of me.We made contact and my steering was broken. I drove more then 3/4 of the lap with damaged car to the pits for repair. Then i try to come back too hard and collect to many incidents and finally got DSQ :)
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Apr 26, 2015
Well that was certainly a surprise..

After practice, I thought I was off of the pace, but it seems some drivers run lower fuel rather than a full tank, or those drivers bottled qualifying.

I was 0,45 tenths up going around Blanchimont on my 3rd Q lap and then small lock up into the final chicane and I lost pretty much all of it which is a shame, but still, I was very happy with P2.

I tucked in behind @ramiboo and just stayed there saving fuel until around 5/6 laps before the pistop phase when I decided to make a move, I feel that @ramiboo was doing the exact same!

I got jumped in the pits and thought, I did 2 really good laps so thought I maybe overfueled the car, however, as it got closer and closer, I realised that I had fueled for 37 laps (yeah mental math is better than any program!) but turns out I was ok, as I caught @ramiboo really quickly on the 35th lap, it confirmed to me when he dove into the pits that I could win this, I kept it clean and took my first AOR win ever!

After Geosidic won the Vtec championship and stole it from AVA, it's somewhat payback now haha.

I went to do a doughnut at the end and realised I loaded the wrong setup and ran with Road Atlanta.. which surprisingly, went well.


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Jan 15, 2014
Got pushed off the track at the braking zone of T1.
2 corners later, a top-grid driver lost it at Les Combes (because the car is really really hard to handle...) and it's over. @Afterlithe on the right, grass on the left. Death.

Even managed to get a gap, and then catch up to @Meireloso, who I assume had damage. The guy is in the top 5 in practice and then I pass him in the race? Either someone's TTing or they've got damage. Either way, clean move, did some driving. All the stuff.

Now, here's where I'm confused. Because I definitely felt quicker than Alexis, but before I left the session, I checked his lap-times and he's running 13's? WHAAAAAT? Maybe it was just slip-stream, but either way, after earlier, and now feeling faster. I thought I was going to come through. Well, apparently, he didn't want me to. Which is fine, so we did a little battle, and then on the following lap, we got to Les Combes, I had the inside for the first part, outside for the second. There was a little tap, however, I didn't get a 4x, not even a 0x, and there was clearly some netcode involved.
I'm top 5 in practice because I'm a tw*t that only makes laps with empty tank lol ? But yep, I got dammage very early in the race, too early for a 80 min race.

After our pitstops, I thought my car was still dammaged ? didn't even notice I was running 2:13 at this moment -which is my regular pace- You were quick actually
Anyway I've decided to strongly defend on you -I quickly realized it was stupid with so much time left- until the incident. Felt no contact but the way you spun I was pretty sure it was netcode. I was waiting for you but you told me it was you. So ok. I took back my pace, ignoring it was indeed a fucking netcode.
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