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S3 - Tier 2 - Round 3 - Lap 6 - Hit off track.

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 12, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: S3 - Tier 2 - Round 3
League Coordinator: @Shooter80 @krop
Date: 25/02/2020
Members Involved: @Cheekymunkey78 @SlowLarry
At turn 12 I brake for the corner and take the racing line and as I approach the apex I get hit in the back quarter causing me to crash out. I lost 10 positions for 22nd down to 32nd.

I have thought long and hard about submitting this one as I was slow off the previous corner but on review IMHO when I began the corner sequence @SlowLarry was not along side me and I was on the racing line so it was mine to take. I have included the whole sequence that lead to the incident for clarity.


Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 17, 2020
Well, we were battling for a while already, so when you missed two corners in a row i thought there was an opportunity. We were then both commited to the corner and to me it looked like the door was open, because you didnt keep the inside line into the corner( aka shutting the door). Instead you closed the door when i was halfside along you, technically you crashed into me. I think that its even possible to go side by side through there, so this would have been an option, too.

Anyway, from my POV that was a racing incident, sorry for your race, mine was ruined there, too.

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