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S6: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 11 - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


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Dec 5, 2018
and I was in disbelief after Dan's quali time, how on earth did you do that in the BMW in this track?! xD
I have no idea actually o_O :LOL: Somehow I nailed both chicanes in that qualilap perfectly, the rest of the lap was even kinda bad - lost the car a bit into the hairpin because I thought braking on the grass might be a reasonable thing to do - it's not :p But yeah ... in the other 3 Q-laps I just couldn't nail the chicanes as I did in that one lap because that BMW car just does whatever it wants when you hit the sausage curbs :D Suffered from the same issue in the race, but P3 in the Beemer ... I'll happily take that :)

Race basically was quite eventless for me, Chris got by because the BMW decided to griproll in Lap1, but he was faster then me anyways.

Super happy to take my first AOR Championship, especially in this super tight field, I think consistency was the key in the championship, there are faster guys than me but somehow I always managed to avoid big trouble and scored consistent points. Accounting drop weeks I think all my results are in the P1 to P3 range.

Thanks for the awesome racing this season guys, looking forward to Le Mans (Finally a draft track again :p) and next season!
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Oct 19, 2016
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Merlin Cooper

GP2 2nd Driver
Nov 2, 2017
I was not trying to overtake all the package but just avoiding pushing someone but I've been suprised to see all cars braking too early or to strong than needed, so I went on the right.
But unfortunately when my right wheels where on the grass my car just spin and I wasn't able to do anything to avoid the crash.
My mistake, I'm sorry for that It wasn't my objective to hit you or anybody else.

Also I assume it wasn't your objective to hit me in the last chicane some laps after, when I was trying to overtake correctly ? ;)

Did get involved in that incident as well. Thought somebody will file the incident to the stewards. Although I'm not complaining too much I'm convinced that incidents should be reported to the stewards and therefore I filed a protest today.

I'm not complaining to much but from my point of view this could have been avoided and unfortunately my car behaved very different afterwards (did no longer turn in as before and control of front-axle was much harder, less force feedback in the wheel).

Furthermore we all can use the stewards feedback to get even better drivers and to avoid incidents in the future.

P.S.: The others braked too early is very often the first impression - but from my point of view all cars were not significantly earlier braking then on a lap without traffic.