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S6: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 5 - Watkins Glen


Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Very solid and clean race from my side.
Quali was superb, think I'm getting into the groove there, been a while since I had a genuinely bad quali session, so that's good I guess. :) Pulling away was hard from the getgo, I knew that. Throughout the first 10 laps I noticed very quickly though that not only Dan, Mike and Dominik were easily able to hang on (Dominik even closed a 2 second gap again after he probably made a tiny mistake at some point), but also just had a bit better pace in their cars. And because of that I wasn't confident in lifting and coasting myself to maybe "force" them to take initiative to make a move (Dan had many opportunities into the carrousel if he really wanted it). So my only chance was trying to be as consistent and fast as possible, but really, I couldn't apply much pressure it seemed like. :p Dan finally going for the new shortly before the pit stop didn't change much, I had the disadvantage on the fuel and so I wasn't surprised to drop to P4 after everyone pitted.

In the end I was lucky to still get P2. Can't complain, drove as well as I could, there were just quicker people on track, congrats to Dan in particular! :)


AOR iRacing GTE Season 6 Champion
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Dec 5, 2018
Was an interesting and exhausting race for me. Initially I struggled a bit in qualifying and couldn't really get a good lap together, luckily temps droppen in the end again where I could set my fastest lap, no chance to beat Chris in Qualifying though.
Race start was ok, managed to keep P2 but really had to push to stay in Chris' draft. I think without draft I couldn't keep up with his pace. Since I totally was expecting a draft-train-race again I was just waiting behind, saved a little bit of fuel and waited for the car setup to get in its "sweet" rake range. Shortly before the pit stop I passed Chris and went into the pits instantly together with Mike. When Chris pitted a lap later we somehow managed to get a 3s gap to him - I still don't really know why as I only managed to save 2-3 Litres of fuel. Dominik joined our 2-man group a lap after that and it could've been a nice 3-way battle (or even 4 with Chris sitting closely behind). I was a bit lucky with lapping and suddenly had a gap of about 1s to Mike/Dominik behind where I knew "it's hammer time". Managed to enlarge the gap a bit until Mike and Dominik crashed. From then on it was just bringing the car home safely and saving the engine for the next race :p

Congrats to all the podium guys and thanks for awesome clean racing again! This season is really great, super fair racing and the gaps are really tiny. Really had the best racing here in AOR of all the leagues I ever did.


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