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S6: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 7 - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

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Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Just to let you know I might not be able to race tomorrow. I'm moving tomorrow and I intend on racing, but it really depends on how smooth things go and if I can set up all my stuff in time. Sorry that I can't be more specific, but it would be a rather short-termed no-show either way.


AOR Admin
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AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
I won my only iRacing league race right here at Mosport - so you all better be very afraid
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Dec 5, 2018
good evening everyone,

I will be absent for this round go to the next.

thank you in advance for your understanding.

good race to all.

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Premium Member
Sep 17, 2018
Sorry but I will not be present for this race tonight.
Meeting next week.

Good race

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Junior Karter
Mar 4, 2019
Good evening, I will not participate in the race tonight and for the rest of the championship, I miss time with work. sorry
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S14 AOR PS4 F8 Champion
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Oct 2, 2016
Really sorry to miss tonight. Been away and only just got in. After being on the road all day, I couldn’t think of anything I want to do less right now sorry. Good luck all
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Sep 17, 2016
Well once again I have to apologise, especially to Knut but also a few other people who I think got involved in that T2 incident. I didn´t catch who it was though. This definitely haven´t been my most glorious 4-5 weeks in simracing and I couldn´t be more desperated that it´s not only me who suffers from it. Gonna figure it out what´s going wrong and come back as a better driver hopefully. Whether it´s gonna be next week, next season or whenever I can´t tell right now. See you on track.
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Formula Karter
Aug 15, 2018
Should've finished the race, should've been some easy points. Shoulda woulda coulda, but didn't.
Marinskies charge (gratz on getting P3 after that lap 1 incident btw) upcoming the hairpin completely locked my right front tyre. And once that tyre is locked you simply cannot make the corner anymore in the Porsche. Adding further punishment the car was put very off balance unto the grass and I hit the wall, which damaged the left-front suspension. Couple of laps later with my car turning into the locomotive for a Trulli Train, the left suspension caved in mid-way through the final corner.

Such a same and very disappointed in myself. Also having an stingy ear infection is not helping matters eithers. Next race, Spa!

VSR Davidben

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Premium Member
Aug 13, 2017
Ummm...wow...just wow!...despite getting caught up in that carnage on lap 4 i had a reasonably ok result in the AM class but i guess it could have been alot better if i hadnt sustained all that damage plus my 15sec stop go for no reason.


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Premium Member
Apr 26, 2018
Would have finished the race, but with all the repairs, I wouldnt have gone above the 60% as required. :/ Sucks the race was over so fast.