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S6: AOR iRacing GTE - Round 7 - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park


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Aug 6, 2016
Got hit on lap 1 into T2, so rejoined at the back together with Fisi. Luckily didn't have that much damage as I managed to keep it out of the wall. Fisi again showed that he's just too fast for me. He was a lot better in overtaking people, so he was pulling away from me quite rapidly. Managed to gain quite a lot of positions, but that stopped when I reached Evan. He was a lot faster on the straight and ultimately the pace difference wasn't that big, so was stuck behind him for a long time. Finally managed to overtake him in the last corner. Was a lot more difficult to drive the same pace when I got in front of him. After the pitstops he was 4s in front of me. Caught back up to him and tried to overtake him on the second last lap, but just couldn't do it.

Was a fun battle even though it was also really frustrating.

Merlin Cooper

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Nov 2, 2017
Here are my two cents to yesterday's race - which was one of the best races I did in the two seasons at AOR.
  • Track seems to suit my driving style (no hard braking points and being carefully when going on throttle again). Furthermore I do know the track very well from a view endurance races in the last view years.
  • Qualifying went well. Also I would have preferred not to have single qualifying - for me it's part of simracing to find a spot for a free run and deal with other traffic.
  • Had a good start as well - and a lot of good luck that I was able to avoid the cars causing/being involved in the huge incident in turn2. Went of throttle as soon as I saw the cars on both sides of the track and was just hoping that the cars behind will not go full throttle and hit me in the back.
  • Used than the PRO and AM drivers to get a good draft.
  • Was finally able to stay out longer than most of the other cars and gained at least one position due to a shorter pit lane stop time.
  • Key to success at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park was again doing consistent laps and just don't make any major mistakes, like it was in the endurance league race)
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Jan 12, 2014
From starting 5th, to being spun to the back of the field, to just about avoiding the carnage on lap 4, to recovering to 10th... it was certainly an exciting race haha! Quite lucky that I avoided any notable damage in those first few laps, but happy with how I drove from there.

Great little battle with @Hamish for the Pro/Am podium towards the end (thanks @Reguii for not making it 3-wide :p):

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