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PC S7: AOR GT3 - PC Time Trial Thread

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Claes Landbo

Junior Karter
Mar 16, 2017

I missed out on step 2 :-(
Dang! Stupid me...

So i guess theres about 3 months till I can race in a league?
Or is there any other leagues for a noob like me? (Obviously, since i didnt make the TT)

Hopefully in a couple of weeks or so?

Claes Landbo (Stupid Man)


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Mar 9, 2017
AOR Project CARS GT3 Leagues - Season 7
PC - Time Trial Event

NOTE: Only new drivers, and drivers who haven't competed since Season 4 or earlier need to complete the time trial event.

New drivers will have to complete the time trial event as part of their sign-up.

We ask you to please put a reasonable amount of effort into your times so that we get laps that are representative of your speed in these cars.

We'll be running with ABS and Traction Control enabled, so it's advised to complete the time trial with this settings on.

It's worth noting too that the racing line is allowed in all tiers as we cannot disable it. However automatic gears will be banned in the top tier, so if you expect to be one of the faster guys, then we advise using manual gears. Drivers who use automatic gears but are too quick for lower tiers will be put into the top tier and be expected to use manual gears.

How to participate:
Note: Before taking part in the time trial event, you must have signed up to our leagues in the sign-up thread.

Initial deadline for completing the time trial event is 18/03/2017 as that's when we will start working on the league and driver placements.

For this time trial event, we have two car/track combinations for you to use. You must use these cars for each circuit:

- Hockenheim National/Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3
- Sonoma Raceway GP/BMW Z4 GT3

Remember: You must complete your times in Time Trial mode, not free practice.

Please post your lap times by replying to this thread, using the following template:

Hockenheim Lap Time (+Photo):
Sonoma Lap Time (+Photo):
Assists Used:

It must be stressed that fast lap times are no guarantee as to which tier you'll be placed in, so don't be disappointed if you don't end up where you expected. Also, times will not be counted unless a screenshot or photo is submitted containing the following information:

- Your GamerTag
- The car name
- The track name
- The words 'Time trial'
- Your time

Lap times:
Drivers who have submitted their lap times will be added to the list below.

● Forum Name - Hockenheim Lap Time - Sonoma Lap Time - Assists
  1. @Saytex - 1:24.856 - 1:32.359 - TC & ABS
  2. @CrazyBee - 1:23.551 - 1:28.223 - None
  3. @Prime Sorcerer - 1:25.494 - 1:32.513 - None
  4. @ramdrop - 1.24.912 - 1.31.600 - None
  5. @StevieP - 1:25.062 - 1:32.068 - None
  6. @vadim - 1:24.032 - 1:30.598 - None
  7. @Masesox - 1:26.609 - 1:33.321 - None
  8. @schizzle - 1:25.641 - 1:34.883 - None
Gamertag/ID: webace29
Hockenheim Lap Time: 1:27:735

Sonoma Lap Time: 1:32:948
Assists Used: ABS & TC



Pro Karter
Apr 8, 2017
As stated in the sign-up thread I'd like to be a reserve, here are my time trial times:

Gamertag/ID: RatRug
Hockenheim Lap Time (+Photo): 1.23.557
Sonoma Lap Time (+Photo): 1.30.264
Assists Used: ABS

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