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Season 10 suggestions


Formula 4 Test Driver
Feb 14, 2018
Just two suggestions that I feel like would make AOR an even better league.

1. I got a penalty on COTA for "failing to wait", although I did wait! Add to your rules that you have x amount of corners or x amount of seconds to let the car you hit pass by. So newcomers won't be surprised and get a penalty for something they did correctly :joyful:

2. Now some people might be able to join all races and thats great, but I have also seen many people can't join one race and their season is pretty much ruined.
Add so every driver can line out / remove one result / race. But one can not line out / remove a DSQ result. We have this in karting and it works great.

An example, I drive the entire league without DNS, then I decide to line out / remove my worst placement.
Another guy had good results, but could not join for a race, he can then use this to remove that DNS from his results..

I think this provides even more fair standings! :)