PS4 - Season 14 - Final Thoughts and Season Recap |

PS4 Season 14 - Final Thoughts and Season Recap

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AOR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
As season 14 comes to an end, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to recap , look back at where you started the season to where you are now, and where you see yourself going forward within the AOR community, if at all. It's been a long season, I've hated some of you at times :smuggrin: lol but equally loved you too :kiss:, but most of all I've thoroughly enjoyed racing with each and everyone of you, even @denzamo ! ;) and I'm very much looking forward to reading your journey and where your journey takes you next. :cry:
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Oct 15, 2015
As season 14 comes to an end, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to recap , look back at where you started the season to where you are now, and where you see yourself going forward within the AOR community, if at all. It's been a long season, I've hated some of you at times :smuggrin: lol but equally loved you too :kiss:, but most of all I've thoroughly enjoyed racing with each and everyone of you, even @denzamo ! ;) and I'm very much looking forward to reading your journey and where your journey takes you next. :cry:
I will do mine after I have statted up my season.


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Oct 15, 2015
But generally I would say. The actual racing has been fun at times though mostly varying degrees of frustration. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 2, 2016
But generally I would say. The actual racing has been fun at times though mostly varying degrees of frustration. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Lord of the rings


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F1 Coordinator
Feb 18, 2017
Wish I could've been here from the start, love you all <3


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Aug 20, 2017
I can’t believe how quick this season went. I remember Australia like it was yesterday, somehow qualified 3rd, actually lead some legitimate laps for a bit. Then it all went to hell. When I started I was using auto gears and a racing line, but after that first race I switched to manual and have slowly gotten rid of the racing line on most tracks. The high point for me was 3rd place at Silverstone(of course one of the few races Soup couldn’t make). I probably should have stuck with the controller l but I made the decision to switch to the wheel for my last few races with disastrous results. Despite all this I’ve had an amazing time racing and getting to know you guys. A great clean, respectful group with very few incidents compared to other tiers. Hope to continue racing with all of you in the future.


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Aug 26, 2017
"I play on a pad with all assists off so you can expect me to bin it quite a few times during the season."

"The goals for the season are initially to finish races cleanly (no penalties, major spins, keeping the front wing attached) and in the second half to start finishing in the points regularly and to get at least 1 top 6 finish. Gotta start somewhere right?"

This is what I said before the first race in Australia. Clearly I underestimated how consistent I'd be (one DNF, not 100% my fault either and only 2 spins and a strange off in Brazil) and overestimated the pace of the other guys. I imagined the general level at the start of the season to be how it ended up at the end.

It was an exciting season for sure, I kept fighting to the championship to the end, only 24 points behind in the end which is really not bad considering I missed two races.

What I love about this league the most is how we became a proper community, shooting the **** in the chat, practicing together and then racing together very cleanly for the most part. Especially important here is good sportsmanship, we had incidents but stupid and overly aggressive moves were super rare, especially compared to some higher tiers, we could get some good sideways action because we left enough space, more than certain real life drivers *cough* Hamilton*cough* and if we hurt someone else's race unfairly we apologized, this is how it's done.

Looking forward to race with a lot of you guys in Season 15 (y)


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F1 Coordinator
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Apr 9, 2017
What a season it was! Even though I was late to join, I'm very glad I did. Originally I planned to take Season 14 off after racing all of Season 13, in order to compete in the GT Sport championships. However those championships were just for testing purposes, thus I joined in on Season 14. I'm so glad I made that decision!

I had a few goals going into this season. One goal was to finish on the lead lap for as many races as possible. Another goal was to not DNF a single race. As the season progressed I could feel my racing skills improving. Eventually finishing on the lead lap and not DNF'ing became an afterthought. Later my goals changed to avoiding penalties and increase my race pace. By the time Abu Dhabi rolled around I could finish a race without any penalties. Now I just need to increase my overall pace.

I look back to the start of Season 13, just after I bought F1 2016, racing seat, and wheel/pedals when I couldn't finish a lap without spinning the car, or ripping a wheel off, or finishing 3 laps down. Fast forward to now and I'm competing for points at nearly every race.

This season has been an absolute pleasure to take part in. As McQuiz said, we would give each other advice, banter back and forth in chat, race hard on Sunday, then do it all over again. Yeah there were times when things got very heated, but the issues were worked out, not needing to get the Stewards involved. Respect was always there. Hopefully many of us will be placed in the same league next season!

Again, thanks to everyone for such a great experience! Time for a much needed break from F1. I don't want to think about breaking points or tyre strategies for a few weeks :D

- Jason007


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Oct 15, 2015
My race highlights with season thoughts during last lap



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Mar 20, 2018
Damn I just signed up hoping there'd be a spot for me in this tier. And now the season's over.

How do I sign up for the next one?

Limaro Fipama

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Aug 25, 2017
I started the season off in the assist league and can I say I didn’t enjoy one bit of it. Being taken out on first laps constantly, the bitchiness in chat made me want to quit AOR. I decided to start racing with no assists for a few races and once I felt confident asked to move to F8.

My F8 season started in Singapore and I wasn’t expecting the standard to be so high, especially at the front. My goal of podium finishes was quickly scaled down to a point finish! After a few ropey races I began to find my feet with a couple point scoring races.

The 6th place start in Abu Dhabi and running in 5th for the first part of the race shows I do have the pace but my consistency is a big weakness and when I make a little mistake the wheels completely come off! My qualifying nerves really hinder me aswell.

Overall I’m really glad I joined F8 and wish I’d been here from start, the racing is fair and really enjoyable. I hope to race with lots of you again but there’s a few of you who maybe destined for tiers a lot than higher F8.

AOR Davidben

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Aug 13, 2017
Well, that's it!.....season 14 finished!

Prior to starting my AOR journey i regularly played Pcars and F1 games with assists, namely ABS and TC. I used to watch Limitless/Veloce Limitless or whatever his bloody name is now! and I remember he'd talk about AOR, the league racing and the wider community, it sounded great, so i Googled it and joined in August 2017.

The F1 thread come out in September 2017, I was so excited! I remember signing up for my first evaluation race at Bahrain with @Rob_2k @MORETHANAMAZING @joshualuke1993 Donk Danks and a couple of other alien drivers, going into it I thought i was pretty good at the game but Don Silva quickly pointed out that I needed to remove my assists if I didn't want to join the assist i did. The race started and funnily enough that's exactly where I developed my grid launch bottle jobbing..I took a couple of guys out at the start (no surprise there) then finished dead last!... I was devastated lol..

Being allocated to F8 was awesome, I was over the moon, I was hoping everyone was also a driving retard like me too! I must admit, in the earlier races I really struggled not having TC or ABS, it was just pure carnage for me and I continued by grid launch bottle jobbing through to round 4, it was at this point that I was close to quitting the game but I was eager to try and improve and set my F8 goals of just finishing races and I didn't really care where I finished in the table, this season was a trial and error season for me.

It took me until about round 6 before I got used to no TC or ABS, and it was at Monaco that I got my first podium, it was that race that I really started to feel comfortable racing and then surprisingly the next five races sore me on the podium and winning my first race in awful conditions at Silverstone. Gradually, as the season went on I was improving and started to fight for pole and the odd win, which was amazing considering I couldn't bloody drive the car earlier on in the season. As an individual I'm extremely competitive and hate losing and having now got regularly on the podium and having that first win I really wanted to go for it and try and move my way up into the top 2 of the championship, my earlier goals of not caring where I finished in the table had gone out the window! ...but I knew racing alongside @washy03 and @Mcquiz95 @denzamo it was going to be extremely difficult, but i didn't mind because I knew as competitive as they were it was always going to be faire and clean....ish

Overall, I've learnt so much from the season, particularly in terms of my racing style I know I've had my odd tangle with fellow drivers but that's taught me so much and I'm hoping going forward that will improve and there will be less tangles... I'm hoping anyway!

As I close this essay, I've made some good "cyber friends" (my wife says its just a game so you're not really real!...she'll never understand! lol. I've had an amazing season racing and an even better season having managed to jump onto the AOR YT streams commentating on F2 sprint leagues with @iej76 and @Mcquiz95 , thank you guys, so who knows where that side of things ends up, watch this space @Soupcooler lol (just kidding)

Next for me is the Pcars GT3 Pro League, three races in and I'm 2nd in the championship so who knows!

Thank you to the Kray Brothers lol , @washy03 for everything you've done as a COD, I'm sure it takes a lot of your time coordinating the league and I don't think we truly appreciate the effort you put in. Also, I want to say thank you to @denzamo as annoying as you've been this season (from not being able to catch you) having someone to battle with has really made the league for me, I've really enjoyed having a little nemesis and someone to chase, you were just too good for me in the end. It's been great watching everyone develop this season and i cannot wait to see where we are all placed next season.

Thank you gents, its been an amazing rollercoaster, F8 is truly the best tier!

Diolch! x
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Reigning S14 AOR PS4 F8 Champion
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Oct 2, 2016
So, Season 14. Done.

I didn't expect the success i had this year. My prior 2 seasons didn't yield a single podium although i did scoop an unholy number of 4th places, which became a standing joke. I knew making the move to no assists would favour my driving style and had hoped that racing people a similar pace to me (instead of some of the top 20 TT guys in the world who had Number 1 times on some tracks) would let my drama-free style get me some results.

After having making some absolute dreamy racing buddies in season 13 this tier didn't get off to the same sort of banterous flow. Mainly because there was so many first timers i think. After a few rounds people came out of their shells and this turned into an amazing tier! The fact most of my dreamy guys ended up back here just put the cherry on the top of a fantastic season.

It's been brilliant how much we've pushed and helped each other this year, towards the end i think we've been f6, possibly better, pace.

A few personal stand out moments have to be getting my first everything. Wins, poles, fastest lap podiums etc. My wet weather performances have been what won me the championship i think. I don't feel faster than the others in the wet. I just have no drama in the sense of no locking up, no loss of traction and is more of the case of time saved than time gained.
I was really happy with some races: A super consistent run in Monaco where i lapped all the way up to and including 3rd place. Also pulling a 30 second lead at spa in the rain. The on the fly strategy calls in Mexico that won the race, pulled a 20 second lead in the rain at COTA until that fateful disconnection. That was a really low point in the season for me and I questioned on whether to continue after the season was over for a good few weeks.

I have a horrible niggly feeling in the back of my mind that i never won a race on outright pace. It was either consistency or strategy that secured them. I'm just simply not "fast" over one lap. Id go as far to say im probably around 5th fastest here. It's what i need to work on going forward.

As for some of my rivals I went against regularly:

@Mcquiz95 - A very quick and well rounded racer. No real weak points. A man i trust wheel to wheel implicity. The number of times we have been wheel to wheel through consecutive corners while respecting each others space is grin inducing. He gained a lot of my respect throughout the season. During his red hot streak in the middle of the season i had conceded the championship in my mind he was that untouchable. We maintained a good relationship despite the pressure and would often have a chat in a party. Much respect to the man who pushed me ability higher the season.

@denzamo - I feel his improvement this season hasn't been given the credit it deserves. I've noticed a development from a clumsy driver who struggled with wheel to wheel to someone, given another 5 races might have taken the title.

@AOR Davidben - A very much improved driver from the start. On his day is untouchable, but his greatest strength can be his weakness. With a little more experience and when he gets that balance right I can see a potential title there.

@ZeQ420 - As quick as the the front guys, often hampered by lack of preparation due to work commitments. Sad to see him leave again. Hopefully he can get a new wheel after taking a sledgehammer to it haha

@Boniface-8 - The quickest guy out there now. Decent wheel to wheel too. Sounds like he will be much improved for next season. One to watch.

@HoinkDoink - The new master of parking the bus. Someone else i enjoy racing against. Great wheel to wheel. You need to take the jump to the wheel mate and stick to it.

@MORETHANAMAZING - My co-cod last year and so glad to have him back again this year. Probably the fastest man to not have a race win to his name. Hope we are in the same tier again next time. Also another guy I trust in a combat situation.

@RobKite - A very fast guy, just needs to work his consistency and the wins will start to flow.

From a cods perspective this has been the best tier yet. Little more drama than you would expect from a competitive environment. A bit of respect goes a long way. We've had a good laugh and our chats have got me through some long days in at work.
It's not always easy to try and keep control of some big characters hiding behind a keyboard but I think we've kept a good atmosphere for the most part, which i think is key to a good tier.
You may not all like me but I hope you respect the effort i've put in to have us run efficiently and fairly, n have one of the best attended tiers with a superb commentator. Thanks for this season @Soupcooler, you've become top class.
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Aug 1, 2014
Even though I've only done 6 races in this tier I feel I've had enough action to last a season thanks to everybody I battled with at some point this season.

@AOR Davidben: my first proper battle in F8 was in Malaysia after I cocked up in sector 3, you were so clean on making defensive moves I just couldn't make my way past you, I gained a lot of respect for you right there and you were always in or around me at every track from then on. Hopefully we can continue that next season.

@denzamo: as always a gentleman to me on and off the track, well deserved wins in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, I just couldn't keep up with you there at all, hopefully we'll be battling next season too

@Mcquiz95: A fantastic driver and a cool guy too, it's a shame you couldn't take the title fight to Abu Dhabi as I feel you would've had an amazing race fighting for that win and potentially the championship, a solid driver who's only going upwards in AOR, been a pleasure watching you disappear up the road from me ;)

@Boniface-8: Mr fast, Suzuka was pure domination, I think many drivers would've struggled to keep up with your pace there, if you could just be consistently fast who knows where you could end up, you have it in you.

@washy03: the champion, the best coordinator in AOR, watching your rise from the bus driver and #foreverP4 last season to you lapping essentially the entire field at Monaco and winning a title in your 1st non assist season ever shows what a talent you are, never the fastest just pure consistency, the Alain Prost of F8, your strategy calls have always been on point but this season it has gained you so many extra points that it's really something to learn from.

@HoinkDoink: you are a guy who 1 race looks ready for a win and the next race lucky to be in the points, but having seen your strategy calls work constantly, if you can add a little bit of qualifying pace you could be in with a shout next season

@Limaro Fipama my teammate, we've barely spoken to each other but you have Improved incredibly over the last couple of races, together we went from last by a long way in the constructors to 8th in 6 races together, improve your consistency and you can challenge for podiums next season

@RobKite: the fastest man not to win a race, you seem to have roaring pace at the start but then tail off after the pit stops, still a tremendous talent and hopefully you're another to race next season, also my pick for next driver to win a race from the F8 tier.

@Soupcooler: what a talented commentator you are, you're knowledgeable and passionate about what's happening on track in front of you and your "Coolerisms" like calling Rob2k Dutch will continue to make me laugh as well as your friendly ribbing when i crashed out in Mexico and said "I ran out of talent" your reply was swift and funny
Good luck in the higher tier next season, yli deserve it

To anybody not mentioned it's not that I don't have anything positive to say it's jist a case of time, you've all done tremendously well to finish the season, hopefully I will race most of you again soon :)


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Feb 8, 2017
Well what I can say is I wish to hve at least one dy for practice to become more consistent than I was in that season 14. I hop that happen in S15

But anyway it was pleasure to race with all of you and I hope I did not waste someone's race more than my thoughts was.