Season 2 cancelled - Final results taken from USA.

Sam Carpenter

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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd make this post to confirm what most of you probably already knew. I've taken the decision to leave the 18/19 season (Season 2) where it is, and consider the current standings (post-USA) the final standings - these can be found in full in the Results and Standings thread.

  1. Baxter
  2. Heras
  3. Carpenter

  1. Defiance Racing
  2. Sabre Racing
  3. Ser-G Esports

Signups for Season 3 will open soon - they will disregard any Season 2 drivers & teams - first come, first served when signing up. A new season 3 league will be created on the forum soon, and the server will be updated with the beta season 3 mod.

The rulebook will also be updated, which will take some time.

Thank you to everybody who participated, respected the rules, and stuck with us. We'll be back stronger for Season 3.