Season 8 - Rumour and team thread |

Season 8 - Rumour and team thread


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Jan 14, 2014
This will be the thread for the rumours about season 8:

Have you heard anything about anyone teaming up for season 8? Or do you have any press releases yourself? Feel free to add them here, so we can prepare for the next season! :D


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Jan 18, 2014

Toro Rosso Driver Andrew Wood has been spotted in the paddock area speaking with representatives from Ferrari, Williams, Lotus, and Force India, likely discussing options for next season's driver placement.

All four teams are considered a step up from the struggling Toro Rosso team this season. Development has been a big issue this season, causing both drivers zWoody1z and Jamsteri10 to shrug their shoulders at their up-and-down results this season. The Toro Rosso teams remains 3rd in the Constructor's Standings after several valiant drives, including Wood's lone strategy-based win at Nurburgring.

"Receiving offers from bigger teams is a very palpable and intriguing development in my F1 career. I know I can race up front given the right equipment, and at the moment, my team does not seem to be helping my teammate or myself advance forward in our careers".

Wood has also been spotted with several drivers in the paddock next season discussing possible package options to maybe impress a team with an impressive test session. More to come on this story later.


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Jan 14, 2014

It has been reported that Frederik Dupond's relationship with Sauber will stop immediately after the last race of the season at Brazil. Rumours say that Dupond has had an affair with Sauber F1 Team Principal, Monisha Kaltenborn. This affair has led to an immediate removal of Monisha Kaltenborn as Team Principal, leaving the succesful F1 Team without any experienced forces left.

This originally forced Dupond to leave the team already before the season ended, but as it came to his ears that Manuel Waibel was in talks with the same team as him, he had to secure the WDC in order to get their offer before him.

This has left Oli Peacock without a teammate for next season, as Dupond has received a very interesting offer from a team only needing one driver for next season, and as Peacock really hasn't been anything near fast this season, Dupond received the offer instead of him. Rumours may know that the relationship between the young Brit and the experienced Dane has been destroyed - Dupond was, in addition to this, seen taking Peacock out at Singapore and Korea.

Finally, it has been heard that Dupond begged Manuel Waibel to drive with him for next season, but as the ice cold German he is, Waibel already secured an unknown teammate earlier this season. Dupond has however decided to continue his fight for a teamie for next season, and as he replied ''done deal'' in the race thread, he might know something you don't.


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Jan 14, 2014
Cal looks around for interest!

It has been rumored that Callum Knighton is wanting to change team from his Ferrari, but he wants to bring his team mate with him.

The young Brit has been seen entering many different team motor homes looking around for some interest for not just one driver but two. It has been said by Ferrari that the British pairing of Callum Knighton and Tommy Martinez are very good team mates to have in their team.

It has also been rumored that Knighton is looking for a 'Constructors winning team' for Season 8, but only time will tell in what free team the British pairing will take. Knighton has been heard speaking to the Media saying that Lotus is NOT on the list, but the likes of Williams, Marussia and Caterham as options.


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Jan 14, 2014
No Car and No Teammate: Peacock left out by dirtbag Dupond

After a trying season where potential race wins were lost, Oli Peacocks season has been dealt another blow my the departure of Sauber teammate - Frederik Dupond. Tensions were raised as early as Germany when Dupond's strategy was compromised when Peacock held him up in the pit's, which was followed up in Hungary with 2 crashes between the 2 and Dupond blocking Peacock in the pits. Having made no effort to secure a seat and all the top rides now taken, it's a race against to see whether he can get the next best seat.
Jan 14, 2014
Next season not looking promising for Westwood

Mercedes driver Harry Westwood has said that things are not looking up for him regarding season eight in the AOR league. He is lingering at the bottom of the table with just 6 points, and with 5 rounds to go needs to pull himself out of the bottom 3 to avoid relegation. If he does that, it is reported that he will not be continuing with Mercedes. This comes after the youngster has had a season of poor results, controversy, and consistent criticism surrounding his short time with the team. So, he will be hoping to try and remain in F1 and find a good teammate for next year. He was quoted as saying "The car isn't as important to me as it is to other people. I just want a good teammate who I can work with."


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Jan 18, 2014
Janne Kaisla to leave Toro Rosso?

Toro Rosso driver Janne Kaisla has been seeing with the representatives from Williams. There has been rumours that Janne hasn't been totally happy with the cars development during the season so it's more than likely, that the contract with Toro Rosso wont be renewed.

"Hopefully i will get signed in a fairly good team with a competitive teammate and we can be driving for the constructors title next season. This season has been fairly good this far, but surely with a good car, next years aim will be higher."


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Jan 13, 2014

Rumours are circulating the paddock that current Ferrari Driver Tommy Martinez is considering a move away from the Italian giants, the brit stated in a recent interview:

''Although the Ferrari car has been good for me this season, it hasn't been good enough, I've just missed out on the race win on a couple of occasions and only 1 victory to my name for me, knowing my pace, is dissapointing''.

This indicates why he may want a move, he also touched on the subject that he would like his current team mate Callum Knighton to follow him as the duo are a solid unit, people within the paddock have spotted Tom talikng to several teams which include Caterham, Marussia, Williams, Sauber and McLaren, he also stated that Lotus, Red Bull and Force India weren't an option, so with this, what does the future hold for Tom?
Jan 14, 2014
What's next for raikkonen44?
Rumors suggest that he's still in conversations to renew his contract with the brand of the energetic drinks, however his manager told the press that there are other teams interested to have raikkonen44 services.

Despite not having a win in this season yet, Red Bull firmly believes in the potential of his driver, and knows that this situation can change very quickly, however raikkonen44 is under pressure because of this, and it may affect him in his aspirations to renew his contract with Red Bull.

Rumors also suggest that Red Bull is looking someone fast to partner raikkonen44, in case he decides to stay at the team, and if he's able to get his contract renewed, some say that could be one of the drivers that currently drives for the sauber team.


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Jan 20, 2014
GP2 Beckons for Defiant195

After a season of poor results for the Red Bull and other teams reserve driver, Defiant expects not to have a drive available within F1 next season with so many exciting drivers ready to make the step up from tier 2 of international motorsport.

Defiant may also stick with a reserve role stating that family commitments have interfered with this seasons race preparations and will continue to do so into season 8.
Jan 15, 2014
What will the future hold for the AERO driver? He has been rumoured to have been in talks with some teams after his very up and down season has left him only 9th in the standings, not pleasing current employers mclaren. He will also be on the look for a new teammate and has been rumoured to have been quoted saying "if anyone needs a teammate to get in contact" he has been hoping for a good end to the season and hopes to secure a drive soon.


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Jan 25, 2014
Rumour's around C2GY_85 future. C2GY_85 joined the F1 league just before monza, this season gone. After only two race's, only scoring 28 points this season, he didn't think there would be much interest surrounding him. But how wrong was he ?? Very wrong. Now the season has come to an end, we got the chance to speak with him, n discuss his future. This is what he had to say with are QnA : Where do you see yaself going team wise for season 8 ?? And who would be your perfered team-mate. " well, i have a team-mate lined up but were looking for a team that needs both seats filled ". Who is this team-mate ??? " no comment ". " your have to wait for the new season to get underway, and then all will be revealed ;) ".