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PC season-ending injury

Paul Tudor Jones

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Oct 28, 2017
Hello everybody,

like the headline says is the season over for me, because of an injury in my left knee.
I suffered a meniscal tear and will undergo surgery tomorrow, so I'll not be able to push the break pedal for the next six weeks.
Though some may say breakes are for looseres, I don't want to destroy others races ;).

Because of my injury and in consulation with my team Mad Eagle Racing my role for the rest of this season changes from driver to team manager of Mad Eagle Racing.

At the end I wish you all a very good second half of the season, hopefully we can see very much exciting battles in the last three GPs.

Best regards
Paul Tudor Jones (Mad Eagle Racing)
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Oct 23, 2016
Thanks for the heads up mate. And best of luck with your surgery. Make sure to get well for next season so we can race once again :)
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