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PC Season Finale - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [24/03/2019 08:00PM]


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Jan 14, 2014
Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 16

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 24th March 2019
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Yas Marina Circuit
Laps: 28

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

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Confirmed no-shows:

Mali Baćo

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 17, 2018
I can't really believe this is coming to an end. Even though I acheived much more than I hoped for, my goal is to try and beat @BlackPanthor in the standings (10 points diff) but I don't see it being possible given the fact that he was performing so good in the last few races. :)


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 12, 2018
I can't really believe this is coming to an end. Even though I acheived much more than I hoped for, my goal is to try and beat @BlackPanthor in the standings (10 points diff) but I don't see it being possible given the fact that he was performing so good in the last few races. :)
Remember what i said , anything can happen... one mistake or something like that and you got me mate ;)


Formula 4 Test Driver
Jun 17, 2016
Well not how I wanted the season to end but oh well :D

@Diallo that was a really enjoyable battle for the first few laps, until I crashed xD. Sorry about the front wing damage from that :p

With that being said, it was a really good season for me and thanks to all of you for making it that way. I hope to be racing with a bunch of you next season too.

@MrPanda-6 Congrats on the win today and @Frihman and @Levingston congrats on the podiums.

ps. if anyone wants to stay in touch, I would be more than happy to. You know where to find me :)


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 12, 2018
Im gonna miss you all :/ this hurt my eyes to see that im 2 points away from p5 and p6 but oh well


Formula 4 1st Driver
May 1, 2018
That's how you finish in style :D P2!

I don't have much to say about the race other than that I am very happy with the result and I had some enjoyable battles with @Mali Baćo @Levingston and @djole74 .

This season has been great for me, securing 3 podiums and 1 win. Finishing 8th is all I could have hoped for and nice that me and @Neil Bywater after a long and intense battle with Toro Rosso managed to finish ahead of them :p

Aside from good results, I have had a blast interacting with you guys this season and I really hope to see some of you next season!

Race highlights coming tomorrow!

Mali Baćo

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 17, 2018
Hey guys, what an amazing race this was! Congratulations to @MrPanda-6 for the win!

My qualy was quite ok and it's one of the rare times I'm not pissed off about it. My run could have been better because I was really shy in Sector 3, didn't commit to it in order to avoid track limit invalidations. The final run was interrupted with one. A 1:35.754 was enough to take me to P7 on the grid.

The final race began in a good manner, although I messed up in turns 2 and 3 and @TheVerenzak did not need a second invitation to drop me down to P8. Turning in to turn 4 I got a hit from behind, probably someone overshot the braking. I went a bit off track but I managed to stabilize the car easily.

After the first straight I see @Frihman diving in so I did let him by there in order to avoid crashing. I manage to retake the position on second straight - the power of Honda is enormous. I continue gaining to Cas ahead, trying to challenge the Renault driver.

He eventually made a mistake at the end of Lap 2, a slight oversteering move made him lose two positions. Frihman is still in my personal zone as I am unable to shake him off. He made a move in turn 6, probably under late braking so I step aside again quite massively. However, he steps out after we went on the first straight - massive respect to that. Still he had a better run on second straight so he was by before the end of S2 on L4.

Later we had the first casualty - @xDerpOG was in the wall in Sector 3. The VSC is deployed so everyone decides to pit. Being close behind my teammate @djole74 I lose a lot of time in the pits, but still beleive I made the right call there. Going back on track, it seems that I lost places to both Williams cars - @Diallo and @defisparta, but the Russian is on (SS) tyres so it shouldn't be a problem getting past.

The VSC has ended but my "VSC Ending" message stayed on screen for the whole race. It was so bad at times that I couldn't see any penalties, warnings or fastest laps. Losing no time in the process, I get by defisparta on Lap 6, The next target is Diallo, who was on (US) tyres whilst I was on (HS) threads. It should not have been a problem, but I wasn't really quick on Hypers so he managed the gap easily.

We had the second casualty and it was @E4SY on the inside wall of turn 3. His car bounced off back on track so it was tricky to avoid him. The game decides that no VSC or SC should be deployed so we carried on.

Hypers were wearing out so it wasn't long before pit window opened. A great opportunity to change the rubber arised when Diallo crashed out at the same spot as E4SY. However, that Williams was standing in the middle of the track so I had a hairy moment trying not to collect him. The real Safety Car gets deployed afterwards so there was no doubt that it's time to pit. I got held up by my teammate in the pits again, but did not lose any track positions.

After two laps of weawing to warm up the tyres, the safety car goes in and we are ready to go racing again. I set Levingston and Frihman as my targets, after seeing that they are running (SS) tyres to the end while I was on (US) rubber. Getting ready to restart, I was giving it everything on ERS, fuel and my throttle pedal. It paid off as I managed to swoop by djole74 into the last corner. My rear tyres were a bit colder so I got a lot of sliding when I applied the throttle but I managed to straighten the car and, most importantly, stay ahead of my teammate.

I immediately started applying pressure on Frihman and I was set to overtake him on the first straight. However, I was hit badly by defisparta in the rear, so I tapped Frihman and went off the track. I lose a position to my teammate but we were still quicker than the duo ahead of us so it was not a huge deal. I challenged djole74 on Lap 20, braked too late but managed to keep it clean and stable. After I better exit, I get by on second straight to challenge Ferrari and Renault ahead.

Starting to apply pressure on Frihman, I managed to get past on Lap 24 on the first straight. Having my teammate really close behind applying more pressure on the Swede in Ferrari and battling to chicane, the gap between us started to increase and I was catching Levingston. Eventually, the final two laps were booked for our battle for podium. Losing @DwergC in the final lap, we were both set for podiums but I had a 6 second penalty waiting for me at the finishing line so it was unclear who would edge in this battle.

The white flag was out as Lap 28 began. Levi, myself and Frihman were within 1.5 seconds, with me being on (US) while they were on (SS) tyres. We all stopped under safety car in Lap 14 so there was no clear advantage on any of us three. I cooked the tyres trying to edge the Turk in Renault, but I get a hairy slide going out on the first straight so I lost a lot of time. Luckily for me, Frihman also lost out in that corner so at least my position was safe. Rich fuel, DRS and overtake ERS setting made me really quick on the straight so I caught up to Levi into the chicane.

After a better exit from the chicane, I had more speed than Levingston so I got by on second straight quite easily. It was one of those last lap passes for glory. I knew I would lose at least a position, thanks to 6 seconds worth of penalties for track limits but it was all fine because the season was wrapping up. I kept it slow and steady in Sector 3, trying not to make a stupid mistake and lose everything.

We cross the line and both Levingston and Frihman get promoted while I was set for P4. Same like in Monaco, Frihman? :D

But the race results unveiled a mistery - why do I have 11 seconds worth of penalties? After checking his footage, Diallo told me that I got a 5 second penalty for severe collision under the Safety Car. What happened from my POV was that defisparta was really close behind me and gave me a slight tap while I was warming up my tyres. Having "VSC ending" message on my screen for the whole race, I couldn't see that penalty nor was I informed by radio about it. Shame on Jeff!

So, I opened a Stewards' enquiry for that and hoping to get that 5 seconds removed. It would promote me to P5 in Drivers' Championship, a position that I didn't thought I would achieve. It would also mean a fifth podium for me, which would be more than amazing having in mind that this was my rookie season. So my fingers are crossed to get it removed, but I would be happy anyways. I will provide my season feedback later on.

It was a nice and relaxing race with great battles during the final 28 laps of the season. Although it was the smallest grid we had, it was quite balanced and everyone was full of respect and no stress was involved. Great race.

And here come the highlights:

Last race of season
We wave everyone goodbye
It was a great one