Setting up your rFactor for AOR Endurance |

Setting up your rFactor for AOR Endurance

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Peter Hayward

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Feb 4, 2018
Setting up rFactor 2 for AOR Endurance

  • Download Simsync + Follow setup guide (Link)
  • Download TeamSpeak 3 HERE

- Goto your folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player” Then open the “player.json” file in notepad or notepad++

Change “AI Controls Driver” to 0

Then press File > Save

- Now you can load up rFactor 2 and load into the AOR server:
Click on the 2 helmet symbol and type AOR into the search bar
Select the “AOR Endurance League” server and type in the server password "prototype"

6 - Once loaded pick your car number and team, and select tuning (Red box):

Once there select “Aero packages”

Once completed you can press “back” and press the big “Race” button on the right-hand side

- Once loaded into the server you need to change the following settings:
“Camera Change” - So that when you change drivers you can change if it doesn’t automatically do it

Also change “LCD Mode, LCD Up, LCD Down, LCD Increase & LCD Decrease”
These enable you to select the driver you want and also edit your pit strategies.

You then need to map the “Pit display” button located here:
  • This enables you to select what your pit strategy will be
  • I do also suggest mapping “Vehicle status, Extra info & Race info” for extra driving information

Next, you need to map the following: “Ignition, Starter, Headlights, Wipers & Request Pit”
Starter & Ignition - Allow you to turn off engine during pitstops or red flags to save the engine overheating

Headlights & Wipers - are for driving in challenging conditions

Request Pit - Is another way to bring up the pit menu just in case it doesn’t work and proceeds to be buggy

The last and most vital one is the “passenger select” button:

  • This enables you to ride on board of the current driver you’re spectating to prepare for a driver swap

Just remember to remember your buttons

Useful links:

Live Timing:

Stewards report form:

SETUP Teamspeak by doing the following:

Setting up the whisper function for AOR Endurance League:

After downloading Teamspeak 3:

1 - Goto whisper lists:

2 - Set the group whisper type and target to all clients + All Channels

Note: To hear whispers you don’t have to set a hotkey - Please do not set a hotkey.

Go here to stop annoying whisper stuff:
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