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Setup Posting Template

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Aug 18, 2014
The Other Classes forum can be used to post setups for cars that don't fit into the pre-specified categories. If a thread has not been created for the car you're posting a setup for, you'll need to post a new thread yourself in the forum here.

Please use the below template when posting a setup:
(Copy/paste the template into the reply field of the thread you're posting in)

Setup Information:
Car: [Enter the car name]
Track: [Enter the name of the track the setup was created for]
Setup type: [What game mode/session is the setup designed for?]
Lap time achieved: [Enter the best lap you achieved with this setup, if applicable]
Weather: [What weather is this setup designed for?]
Assists: [Enter the assists you use when driving with this setup]

Description: [Add a general description of the setup]

Setup Settings:
Either use the below template or post screenshots showing the setup settings in-game.

Tires & Brakes
- Tire Compound:
- Front Left Tire Pressure:
- Front Right Tire Pressure:
- Rear Left Tire Pressure:
- Rear Right Tire Pressure:

- Brake Pressure:
- Brake Balance:
- Brake Duct:
- Traction Control Slip:

Aerodynamics & Chassis
- Front Downforce:
- Rear Downforce:

- Weight Jacker:
- Lateral Weight Bias:
- Longitudinal Weight Bias:

- Steering Ratio:
- Left Caster Angle:
- Right Caster Angle:

- Front Left Camber Angle:
- Front Right Camber Angle:
- Rear Left Camber Angle:
- Rear Right Camber Angle:

- Front Toe-In Angle:
- Rear Toe-In Angle:

- Front Left Ride Height:
- Front Right Ride Height:
- Rear Left Ride Height:
- Rear Right Ride Height:

- Front Left Spring Rate:
- Front Right Spring Rate:
- Rear Left Spring Rate:
- Rear Right Spring Rate:

- Front Sway Bar:
- Rear Sway Bar:

- Front Left Bump Stop:
- Front Right Bump Stop:
- Rear Left Bump Stop:
- Rear Right Bump Stop:

- Front Left Slow Bump:
- Front Right Slow Bump:
- Rear Left Slow Bump:
- Rear Right Slow Bump:

- Front Left Fast Bump:
- Front Right Fast Bump:
- Rear Left Fast Bump:
- Rear Right Fast Bump:

- Front Left Slow Rebound:
- Front Right Slow Rebound:
- Rear Left Slow Rebound:
- Rear Right Slow Rebound:

- Front Left Fast Rebound:
- Front Right Fast Rebound:
- Rear Left Fast Rebound:
- Rear Right Fast Rebound:

- Limited Slip Acceleration Lock:
- Limited Slip Deceleration Lock:
- Limited Slip Preload:
- Viscous Lock:
- Radiator:

- Final Drive:
- 1st:
- 2nd:
- 3rd:
- 4th:
- 5th:
- 6th:
- 7th:
- 8th:
- Peak Speed Sensitivity:

- Fuel Load:
- Qualify Fuel Load:

- Wastegate Pressure:
- Brake Mapping:
- Restrictor:
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