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PC Sign up for my GT3 Assetto Corsa league round


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Apr 4, 2019
if you rookie or pro you want to join my Assetto Corsa league race you must follow the rules
  1. this will be clean racing if you wrack out on the track spin out please stay out of the way so drivers can pass through unless you see opening speed go head do that
  2. abusive drive will not be in the game if you wrack people to many times in the league each wrack points will be given to driver for contract is 5 points 3 points for ingoring blue black and yellow flag and slow downs if you get +30 second added to your right hand slide what place you are in you be dq by me or if i have host or admins you can't rejoin until next week league and jump starts don't count that cost you 30 seconds you get dq for that as well
3.abusive world in enter text is not allow if you everyone must stop talking in the chat for 5 minutes if it keeps happen i have close race down end the league race round 1 or what ever round we have in leagues you have wait until next week again
4.. you must send me sreenshoot your gt 3 car you plan on driving in the race in assetto corsa and you have to screen shoot your ping and xbox and pc steam game tags send them to here i write down the list of driver each league will be different xbox will have their own league and steam pc will have their own league which will be given roles in my discord sever you must also say what country your from you also need some of dlc gt3s packs tracks dlc can be good i want you guys to buy all packs just in case
  1. when will the league start what time june month it start at 2:00pm usa central starderd time if you live on the other slide please check you time maybe be different from me uk time will be great thing because of E3 i will also have acc league races plan up as well when more cars and tracks come to the game for now ac only thing now
  2. final thing join discord sever https://discord.gg/447tpzh don't forget tell me discord your name from Apexonlineracing
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