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PC Skinner's Alternative F8 Awards

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Formula 3 Test Driver
Sep 5, 2017
Normal awards are boring, here are mine:

1) Max Verstappen award for cutting corners: @Dobby

2) Honda award for accumulated DNFs: @Fersiphion

3) Jolyon Palmer award for going missing halfway through the season: @Amstar27

4) Kimi Raikkonen award for not having a steering wheel: @Thezz

5) Daniil Kvyat award for attendance at the Stewards Panel: @Bobo

6) Alienware award for having the best PC: @EversVincent

7) Singapore award for best race start: @yobbo

8) Comcast award for best internet connection: @Skinner

9) Sebastian Vettel award for most ridiculous team radio: @Sabba7h (what were you even doing across the line in Monza)

10) Romain Grosjean award for being an angry Frenchman who needs to calm down: @Hinyaldee

11) Kleenex award for producing the most tears: @LungVika

12) Fernando Alonso award for preferring other race series to F1: @SooSiaal

13) Robert Downey Jr. award for successful rehab (removing racing line): @return

14) Wright brothers award for attempted flight (Turn 2, Mexico): @Kevin Kalt

15) Roman Empire award for the greatest downfall: @Breakdown

16) Valtteri Bottas award for being the ideal team-mate: @Graham Thomson

17) The outstanding award for not standing out: @Steffe

18) The hare and the tortoise award for coming 5th despite only 1 podium: @Saketh

19) Cocaine award for being quick out of the blocks before a big come down: @_d4Mn_

20) Bigfoot award for not actually being sure if he exists: @TheIgorMC


Some people just deserve 2 awards:

21) The 'When did I do dangerous driving?' award for asking all of us about his clash with @_d4Mn_ at Mexico

22) The 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take' award for the most ridiculous stewards enquiry goes to @Hinyaldee for Mexico
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F1 Test Driver
Aug 26, 2017
Oh you forgot one btw:

Pele award for almost missing the start of the race because he was taking a ****: @Steffe (For those who don't get it Steffe is Finnish, we call him Lil' Raikkonen)