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PC Slow driver on racing line, still on wets I think.

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Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 16, 2019
Platform + League: PC Tier 3
League Coordinator: @TicklishPicklewickle
Date: 13/02/19
Members Involved: @SomeRandomTramp + @MRPedro180
Description: Slow driver on the racing line coming out of Ascari, I believe he was still on wet tyres almost 10 laps after everyone else had switched, which suggests to me he hadn't done another testing. It could just be seen as a racing incident, which I can understand. Just want to know if the other driver was still on wet tyres as they really should have switched by that lap.


Pro Karter
Jan 26, 2018
Unfortunately this track is not a track I go well on which showed in my Qualifying time. I was on Hard slicks as struggled with getting heat into them which made the car difficult to drive for me. Yes a lack of testing but this is down to lack of time.

I would argue that @SomeRandomTramp closed in on me quickly through the previous corners and it would of been clear to see my pace was slow through the corners and corner exits. I did not intentionally swerve or block I was just way of his pace.
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