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PC Social race - AORSCAR Daytona 300 11/1-2019 @ 20:00 UK


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Oct 20, 2015
That was bloody fantastic!! What a finish! Just .002 in it.


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Dec 9, 2014
@Beppo if you could only hold your line...
Yeah. I was a mess. :( I am sorry, this was by far my worst performance. I was like ultra nervous, since it was my first complete oval race ever. I know the rules about holding the line and everything, since I watched a couple of iRacing youtuber's doing oval races and I have been watching a couple of real life events as well, but that is basically it.

Plus, I think I made a couple of changes to my game too much at one time.

I recently won an eye tracker, which I am using now. Plus I changed my FOV according to a calculator for pCARS spesifically. And I have changed my FFB settings a bit for a more smooth FFB experience, in essence my wheel feels way lighter now, which I also have had to get used to. o_O

Either way. I am sorry, for causing these messes. I was nervous and my attention was very fluctuating at times as well... But well. Since it was a social, I thought I'd give it a try.
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Feb 24, 2018
Had fun, and oval racing in Project cars has some potential to be fun but needs some work. The first few laps with yellow flags where a mess but it was still much better than the Indy 500 we ran earlier this year. Once we settled down and ran some laps, it was great fun.

Edit to say if we did an Oval race league I would be interested. I know there is only 3 ovals, but we could do both Nascars and Indy cars over 1 season.
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Aug 27, 2018
I think the main reason why the first laps were so chaotic was down to people being inexperienced when it comes to oval racing. Compared to normal "road racing" you're better of working with the drivers around you and draft together instead of outright racing each other from the get go. Accidents will always happen and with the field being so bunched up one small mistake can have some pretty big consequences. Other than that I think people had a lot of fun once the crazyness subcided and I will definitely be down to set up another one of these events if the demand is high enough :)