Statement Regarding Recent Session Issues |

Statement Regarding Recent Session Issues

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Aug 26, 2014

Road America - An additional session had to be created because all cars had been split into their own class.
Monza - An additional session had to be created because iRacing failed to inform me that America had recently put the clocks forward, so the session launched an hour earlier than it had meant to. This then meant that the time/date wasn't correct because it was rushed.
Silverstone - The session appears under both 'League Sessions' and 'Hosted races', also the time and date are wrong (or so I'm informed).

Here me out on this. I am an idiot, let's get that out the way immediately. I have been known to accidentally email myself, and I may have once slightly broken the forum.

However, when it comes to these sessions for the league I take great care when setting them up because I have to use the Beta UI if we want the fancy weather and fancy time progression.

For Road America, there is simply no way at all that I would have set the session up to put all cars in a different class. To do this, I click the car picture in the top right. Then I tick the 'car class', go back to the car list, 'Add a car class', type 'GTE' in the box, click 'GTE Class'. < At no point in doing that should it split it.

For Monza - I set the session up early in the week. Once you've set a session up, it tells you in HOURS how many it is until session launch, so it had like 405 hours. Who am I to think it's wrong? Am I to randomly check? Someone posts in the discord that the session was live, an hour before it should be. So I rush around ending that one to launch a new one. I have now got to wait to launch the session through 'Start now' rather than at a specific time, because I don't know what time technically it's supposed to be launching at for it to work. More on this later. I later get complaints on discord that the weather is wrong, regardless of the frustrations I'm having to deal with.

Before I mention Silverstone. I have to explain something. I also set the session up for the Endurance league. Because of the issue at Monza with the session starting early, I waited until there was less than hour to go to schedule the session to start. So with 40 minutes to go, I set it for 17:15 start, and hey presto, it worked a treat.

For Silverstone in the GTE League, I tried to do the same thing. Except it put the session another hour ahead. There was no indication whatsoever through the beta to which time-zone you are scheduling it to. There is only the time in the corner, which goes off the local time on your device. Because I then had to wait until 18:15 UK exactly to launch the session, I had plenty of time to double, triple and quadrouple check the settings for car classes, track selection, weather progression, time starts, the lot.

After the race, I get messages telling me the time/weather is wrong.

Now, the reason I am saying all this is because whilst I may make errors. I know deep in my heart of hearts that I set the sessions up as they should have been. So whilst I appreciate being informed of errors to the weather etc. I do not appreciate complaints that "all that practice for nothing" etc. It is the same for everyone, you have to just deal with it I'm afraid. Bear in mind, these sessions are coming out of coordinators pockets, and we cannot keep trying to fight the Beta UI on these issues.

I have joked previously, but the Beta UI is genuinely terrible. They update it every week or so, so lots of new problems appear where old ones used to be. Or new problems accompany old problems. Some old problems get fixed straight up.

My point is, before you criticise and moan about the session being a bit wrong, please consider that it might not actually be my fault. If these issues continue, then we'll have to be boring and just do it through the browser.

If anybody has any useful suggestions, by all means share them.

Merlin Cooper

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Nov 2, 2017
Until your post I did not even recognize that something went wrong. I take the weather as it is - just when it would start raining I would complain a little if I don't have wet tire compounds available ;-)

Changing wheather is part of a race simulation - thus I would be fine not even mentioning the expected wheather conditions. If it 's just slightly changing between practice and qualifying everyone should have sufficient time to get used to the conditions.

You are doing a great job - just keeps going. Thanks
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Sep 17, 2016
My useful suggestion: Just keep mixing it up. It´s much more fun if the conditions are unpredictable and people can´t optimise their setup to death or practice 10 hours a day for the same 29°C track. As we don´t have rain in iRacing this is at least something.

I know that most likely it won´t happen anyway, just sharing my wishes and dreams. :whistle:


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Sep 3, 2018
Didn't realise there was an issue - Like @N1kmido said, i would prefer a mix on temps to throw a spanner in the works. Means that the people who don't spend all day doing TT laps 24/7 might get that one small chance!

League is being run fine, keep up the good work!
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Oct 3, 2018
Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes !
It's a lot of work a league like this so keep going like this is very good (y)
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Sep 2, 2018
like said above, even IRL drivers have to face to extreme changes in weather conditions sometimes... Now we know these issues might happen again lets' just practice on hot track and be ready for everything. No big deal...
For the same reasons we are encouraged to protest when involved in incidents, I encourage you @Stevie to tell iRacing how much you love their Beta, on the "problem reporting" section ;)
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