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Aug 7, 2015
Well what can I say about lap 1

Straight away, you have @RickyTan spinning @Keithn222 on the pit straight. I think it was maybe a lag bump? because no matter what angle I watch it from, the reaction @Keithn222 's car has to it, are far too excessive for what contact I witnessed. - Unfortunate Racing Incident.

Turn 1 - You have @McMUFFin doing a public hopper dive bomb into @matt212 who was already turning in so was blind sided by it. - Warning issued for unacceptable driving

Then we have the incidents that I was asked to watch and I'll combine then into a single incident as one is the cause of the other.

The corner before the incident, @Quaz Tornado only gets alongside @Casey legend99 after performing a corner cutting, cut back. Going into the next corner @Quaz Tornado turns into @Casey legend99 causing him to spin and both end up off track. @Quaz Tornado doesn't wait for @Casey legend99 who's facing backwards in a stone trap, but instead drives blindly back on track at roughly a 45 degree angle and then hits and spins @Morvic . - Qualifying ban for unacceptable driving.

Then we have a few little interesting moments.

@VN7 GT turning into and spinning @LewisCentral , it looked like a genuine mistake instead of aggressive driving, so i would recommend a racing incident as a result.

@klaws60 attempting what would of been a full corner cut dive bomb, but instead makes contact with @LewisCentral & @VN7 GT and a wall, so no harm was done luckily as no positions were lost. Recommend a warning for unacceptable driving

@Martijn Rutte squeezing @Damien l 92 off the track, but when @Damien l 92 stops turning out to avoid him because he was at the track limits, @Martijn Rutte keeps coming across causing contact, which results in @Damien l 92 being pushed off track and losing 3 positions. Recommend a warning for unacceptable driving & failure to wait.

If I'm honest it was a shocking first lap, the amount of contact, near spins, rear ending and careless driving wouldn't look out of place in an actual public lobby. The racing needs to be improved, whilst trading paint even now and again can add to the tension of a race, it shouldn't be an accepted form of overtaking/cornering or a slow down aid.

Lap one had 9 people lose positions due to it, with 5 of them being left in a position where they lost a lot of time. I can't remember exactly how many took part in this race, but that is a big percentage of people whose chances of a decent result where gone before they even reached lap 2.

That's my opinions on the incidents.

Quaz Tornado

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May 29, 2016
Looking at the footage I agree it was mainly my fault that contact was made between me and @Morvic but I do not agree with the corner cut or hitting @Casey legend99 he squeezed me on to the apex after I cut ever so slightly the corner before and then left me no room at corner 16 where does he want me to go off the track? He came across the front of me


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Aug 7, 2015
Our comments aren't open for discussion, that's not how a stewards panel works. It's also why there's three of us, so there is room for disagreement whilst making sure an outcome is certain due to there being an odd number.


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Mar 26, 2016
@Regamus regarding my spin at the start their was no lag on my side. I kept getting tapped lightly then the final tap was enough to spin me round

DOR Martxn

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Forza Coordinator
May 31, 2016
Just watched back my incident with @Damien l 92. He had his nose in so I should probably have left him some space on the outside. But as I'am using cockpit cam I just didn't saw him on the outside. So when we made contact mid corner and he got smashed out wide I didn't tought it was my fault. Hence why I didn't wait for him. Let's make clear that it was obviously my fault and I want to apologice to @Damien l 92 for the incident.

@Regamus I know your comments aren't open for discussion, but I think that when I am involved in a accident it's perfectly fine to tell my side of the story.


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Aug 7, 2015
Yes but your side of the story won't affect what is said. As we can see everything there is to know in the telemetry and viewing angles etc.
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Apr 16, 2016
@Quaz Tornado @ElseCrib is right, if you spectate sometimes the game can screw up and put you on pole, we don't want to chance it so you need to set super slow dirty laps in qualifying to ensure you'll be at the back of the grid.