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Stewards Panel - Driver Blacklist


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
Strike System:

This thread will be used to keep track of drivers' strikes. Strikes may be handed out for bad on-track behaviour, disruptive influence on a race, extensive forum inactivity, and no-showing a race without giving notice. Basically, if you break any of the league's rules, you could receive a strike.

• 1 strike means that you have been warned for breaking a rule.
• 2 strikes means that you're on your final warning.
• 3 strikes will normally result in the driver being kicked from the league, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

​Abusive drivers will receive
an instant site & league ban. This will not be tolerated.

Strike counts may or may not be reset between seasons. [HR][/HR]
  • YellowHead97 (AKA Scuderia Racer) - (extreme staff abuse, account swapping, general bad driving, too many chances to redeem themselves) - Site & IP Ban permanently.
  • raskemenn4444 (staff abuse, account swapping with yellowhead also allowing Yellowhead to use his internet connection to resign up to the site with a different alias name "Scuderia Racer", Raskemenn4444 was therefore Site & IP banned permanently)
  • AndoGP (poor attendance, poor driving standards, appalling childish lobby behaviour, too many chances to redeem themselves)
  • Mini_Gunner62 (poor driving standards, appalling childish lobby behaviour) - Site Ban
  • raikkonen44 (poor driving standards)
  • F1rules - terrible driving standards, abuse
  • Senna2-4 - driving standards, attitude poor
  • Olepatude - Childish Behaviour, very poor driving standards, ignored staff warnings to many times.
Warnings List for GT6 Season 1 (AOR Season GT 10)

And22rew - Rage quitting (official warning)
1 Strike - Trusefusker - Abusive chat message directed at Chris4x (solid_bikes) "go f** yourself solid" [HR][/HR]Seasonal Ban

and22rew - No Response for two weeks assumed to have left
Nikolai Kirkhaug (PSN: K1rkhaug) - No Response to messages about whether he has left or wants to continue for 2 weeks no race attending