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Street Stock/Truck Series Intrest Thread

Road courses

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Apr 1, 2016
So with a bit of discussions about having a free league for new drivers, what better than to drive the street stock, the beginner oval car and the trucks for Daytona.

I've raced a lot in these cars already, and they provide VERY close racing, my last race had the top 10 pretty much all together for the entire race. AOR has never really had a NASCAR or oval league(minus the IndyCar leagues of course) so why not add something different rather than another open wheeler series.

I feel though that we should allocate the truck series for Daytona, because the street stocks would take forever to lap around the superspeedway and the trucks are all in all just better suited.

Tracks will all have to be free. We can decide to do road courses or not as well.

My proposed calendar
USA Speedway
Charlotte Roval
Charlotte 2016

these tracks are open and will allow pack racing. USA is there so theres a short track, which I don't think would be that exciting having a short track over and over. Speedways are much more fun.