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Closed T2 R1 Brands Hatch GT4.

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Was leading race. Small tap first lap. After that hit at approximately 3:46/ 17:54/ 21:16/ 28:14.
Whenever I defended I defended early, I didn't change my line in braking zone. Other driver involved
was @Violent_S15 . I wasn't going slow, we were dicing for lead. I left space for him earlier. Hard to race
someone who is contacting you so much. Video in Discord not sure how to post it here.


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Sure no problem

Between 6.30 and 31.30

The fight with silver it was a very hard fight, he closed the way and there was a touch from time to time, yes These were not on purpose. Our paths often crossed and it was simply braked around the apex in front of me. Where I couldn't do anything But when I pushed you out twice there was no intention I waited and left again
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