Moved - T3 R2 Lap8 - Noel vs Smith incident |

Moved T3 R2 Lap8 - Noel vs Smith incident

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May 20, 2019
ACC Tier + Round Number: T3 | R2
League Coordinator: @Xeonski
Date: 2/18/20 date
Members Involved: @Noel @GeeMax
Description: Not entirely sure what to make of this. We are 8 laps into the race, Noel is obviously a quick driver - however, is lapped and running in p32 at this point. There was an incident ahead of me, I get yellow flags - and approach with caution, which @Noel takes as an invite to make a move. He doesnt make it stick, he hits me - and continues on with his drive.


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Jan 25, 2014
the stewards decided that @Noel caused a moderate avoidable collision from backmarker position.
@Noel receives 20 seconds penalty on his race results and 10 penalty points on his AOR driver license.

@Noel @GeeMax
@Xeonski @LiboCZ
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