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Closed T5-R2-Lap 30 Hit from behind by VC

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AOR ACC S6 Tier 8 Champion
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 - Round 2
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
Date: 11/05/21
Members Involved: #117 S. Mawdsley @Kero / #990 VC @GEOVC
There is an accident ahead involving cars #144 and #73 that leads to #144 spinning out of control across the track. I slow down to try to avoid the car spinning on track and get hit from behind by VC. I understand that it is difficult to see and react to what's going on ahead with the conditions we had, but I still think VC could have made much more of an effort to slow down and drive past safely.


AOR ACC S6 Tier 9 Champion
Due to the spray of 4 cars in front i really didn't saw the incident, there was also no yelow flag at the moment . I tried to brake and steer to the right to avoid but it was to late and slipped into you just as you turned right (off course you didn't expect me there so no fault from you). Not sure if I could reacted differently but still my apologies for the hit.
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Checking the footage from @GEOVC 's cockpit camera, the stewards agreed that he had almost no visibility at all of the car that was spinning in front of @Kero
Considered that the collision didn't happened at the start of the race when drivers are asked to be extra careful about possible traffic jams in front of them, the stewards decided that this collision will be considered a racing incident and no further actions will be taken.

@GEOVC @Kero
@GIXXERosg @Rikka
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