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Closed T5-R3-Lap 5 - Not leaving enough space

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ACC Coordinator
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ACC Coordinator
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 + Round 3
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg @Rikka
Date: 18.05.2021
Members Involved: @Rikka @nedze
After going side by side through turn 1, @nedze doesn't leave me enough space on the inside of turn 2. We collide and i spin out.


Semi-Pro Karter
Now saw this incident. I thought I left more space but obviously turned slightly too sharp in T2. Should have take it wider. Apologies for incident.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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iRacing Coordinator
PCARS Coordinator
AC Coordinator
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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @nedze is responsible for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

10 points reduction from the race results + 10 driver license points.

@nedze @Rikka @GIXXERosg
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