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Closed T5 - R6 - Lap 1 - Punt and pass and no fair play

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ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 - Round 6
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
Members Involved: #12 Pedro Vieira @peluprvi , #40 Karol Pacholek @CarlosDJ
Description: Car #40 punted and overtook me. I got 3 seconds damage and I was lucky to stay in control of my car. After it I kept close and showed to the other car that I was alive for at least 3 times for the next lap, blinking some times, but car #40 didn't give me back the position (and that's the main reason I'm submitting this).
Evidence: Videos below


Head Steward

Head Steward
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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @CarlosDJ / @Carlos DJ is to blame for causing a minor avoidable collision on the first lap of the race. Not slowing down enough in reaction to the car in front, resulted in the cars making contact. @Carlos DJ / @CarlosDJ will receive a 5 race results points reduction and 10 license points (including 5 for it being the first lap of the race).

@peluprvi @Carlos DJ @CarlosDJ @GIXXERosg
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