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Closed T5 R6 Lap 2 | Getting hit in the rear again at same corner *Audible Sigh*

Jackle Jack7

Formula 4 Test Driver
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5, Round 6
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
June 15th 2021
Members Involved: @Jackle Jack7 (#37) @kacper9664 (#96)
After coming out of my first incident with 6 or so seconds of damage I was trying to just go ahead and see how the pace was but I got absolutely shafted for another lot of damage. Incident is pretty self explanatory, the brake pedal must have fell off. After this I pit on Lap 2 (same lap) to bring it home on a 55 minutes stint. Did not see anymore on track 'for position' action until last 10 minutes or so for P12.


Junior Karter
My fault is clear here, but i only want to say that i did my best to avoid the accident and as a result i lost much more time than the other car.

Hitting the brakes hard would limit my manouverability and I think that i would hit #37 car in the apex causing more damage and time lost. This is why I think that my manouver was the best I could do in this situation.

The impact of the hit was not that big as i ended up with 3s of damage.