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Closed T5 - Round 2 - Lap 23 to 28+ - Positioning between fights while receiving blue flags

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ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 - Round 2
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
Members Involved: In blue flag: #642 (Šyvokas), #404 (Bicz); In same lap as the leader: #117, #17, #12, #990
Description: Bellow follows videos of the laps 23 to 28 in TV camera that shows two blue flag situations in the same car pack (#117, #17, #12, #990). A pack of 4 cars fighting for positions get closer to a slower backmarker (#642) while a faster backmarker (#404) is racing closed to this pack, in the same pace. The pack was tight and got really close to each other and the faster backmarker (#404) decided to make some overtakes to unlap. Since it's to highlight the behavior of the backmarkers when the blue flags were out, some context was necessary and a lot of laps were included. So I decided to add videos only the TV camera of the two backmarkers and not @ everyone. Please let me know if any other camera angle of any involved is necessary and be free to close the report or talk to me if it feels unnecessary.

In my laptimes below, the green 2 is Lap 22. So it's easy to see how much time I lost on lap 24 (~1 second) and 25 (~1.8 seconds):


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Ok, so i think i was faster, which means, that i was able to unlap myself. Also i was trying to drive as carefully as i can. I don't know what more can i say, so i wish you better lap times :cool:
(And sorry for my english :p)
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