Closed T8 - R3 - Lap 2 : The Bentley broke too late and crashed into me.

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Jun 28, 2020
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 8 - Round 3
League Coordinator: @morphee7
Date: 29/09/2020
Members Involved:
car #10 : @tomi0810 and car #76 @saxondale76
Description : Car #76 broke late and ran into me and destroy my race. (sorry for the video quality)

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May 12, 2020
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@saxondale76 can we have your explanation on this please

From my POV I braked on my usual 100 mark as I always do/did in a straight line, he swings out to the left hand size moving on the braking line as he's braked and slowed down a lot in this manoeuvre then comes back across my path by which time I'm turning (as he turns into me) I'm still braking trying to avoid a collision.
I didn't really have a chance to avoid him once he'd swung left and then cut back in.
I was going to wait for him out of courtesy but saw a green Audi go past me so I thought he'd got going again. I realized afterwards it was a different Audi.

As for destroying his race, he still needed to serve a 30 second stop go which in total would have cost him over 60 seconds, I don't think I destroyed his race.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards concluded that @saxondale76 caused a moderate avoidable collision by failing to assess @tomi0810 braking point and his own speed and braking point.

Therefore, @saxondale76 will receive a 20 points reduction to be applied to his race results, and 10 penalty points on his AOR driver license.

@tomi0810 @saxondale76 @morphee7
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