Closed T8 Round 2 T1 Lap1 Hit from Behind - car 736

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May 12, 2020
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ACC Tier + Round Number: T8 R2
League Coordinator: @morphee7
Date: 22 09 2020
Members Involved: @saxondale76 (#76) @MauritzOsim
Description: At the green flag I am hit from behind by car 736 who should have also been taking turn 1 easy as per the briefing a few minutes earlier on a wet track. Vid contains all required angles @morphee7

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Aug 29, 2020
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we dont need any video evidence from you, only an explanation of what happened from your side
I have reviewed all of the replays and here is my side of the incident.

After the race started I immediately went to the left as there was space because morphee got an excellent start. I followed cautiously into the first corner. @saxondale was also coming across and I was behind him. I saw him coming off the brakes in the first corner and I released mine as well, assuming we were good and going through T1 him ahead and me following. He immediately reapplied them I applied mine as well, but it was to late to avoid him. From my point of view it looked as if he was squeezing me out of space. I have looked at the replays and seen this was not the case as there was a car and a incident on his outside as well.

I really did not go for that overtake I was content with staying behind him through the first few corners. It was just the brakes that threw me off.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @MauritzOsim is to blame for causing a collision, but due to circumstances he will receive a reduced penalty.

As the driver behind it is your responsibility to make sure no contact with the car in front is made. However, in this situation @saxondale76 did a couple of unexpected moves and pedal inputs. Therefore the stewards have decided to give @MauritzOsim a reduced moderate penalty.

@MauritzOsim will receive a 10 race results points reduction and 10 drivers license points (including 5 for it being the first lap of the race), for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

@saxondale76 @MauritzOsim @morphee7
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