PS4 - TC S1 Elite Round 1: Watkins Glen Short - 23.05.18 @8PM (UK) |

PS4 TC S1 Elite Round 1: Watkins Glen Short - 23.05.18 @8PM (UK)


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May 5, 2018
To @Mhill
You closed the thread and I don't know how to send personal messages...

This is the last thing about the messages from "Round 2: Oulton Park TC Elite League" thread.
As I said, I texted too quick an therefore wrote something that I didn't mean/something which 100% could be interpreted the way it did. My bad, as I said. Thank you for accepting my apology.

Just for my defence though:
You said to me that: "If you said I felt I had room or a chance to pass I would have had no issues."
To be fair mate, I did actually say: "I saw a gap and went for it."

I'm not from an english speaking country but that's basically the same according to my vocabulary. At least that's what I meant. Will be more clear with my texting from now on.
If I would not have thought it could work to be 3 wide, then I promise I obviously would not have tried going for it.

Have a good night!