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PS4 TC S1 Elite Round 2: Oulton Park International

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Jan 2, 2018
To @Mhill
You closed the thread and I don't know how to send personal messages...

This is the last thing about the messages from "Round 2: Oulton Park TC Elite League" thread.
As I said, I texted too quick an therefore wrote something that I didn't mean/something which 100% could be interpreted the way it did. My bad, as I said. Thank you for accepting my apology.

Just for my defence though:
You said to me that: "If you said I felt I had room or a chance to pass I would have had no issues."
To be fair mate, I did actually say: "I saw a gap and went for it."

I'm not from an english speaking country but that's basically the same according to my vocabulary. At least that's what I meant. Will be more clear with my texting from now on.
If I would not have thought it could work to be 3 wide, then I promise I obviously would not have tried going for it.

Have a good night!
Ok that’s fair enough. I also apologise unreservedly for any offence caused to you. It was never my intention to do so and it shouldn't have got out of hand.

Just to state again though the move wasn’t the issue. However this has been explained, apologies exchanged and it’s all good now.

Look forward to the racing you next week!
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