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PC TC S1 PC: Driver Placement Announcement

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Aug 6, 2016

AOR Project Cars 2 Touring Car - Season 1

PC - Driver Placement Announcement

Hello fellow members of AOR :)

On this day, we are delighted to announce the driver placement for the Touring Car Season 1!
Starting with the interest thread and creating the socials we had no idea that so many drivers would sign-up for this league. We thought everyone would take a little break before season 10 of the GT3 starts. Big thumb-ups to you guys who make this league happen (y)

We have tried our best to get a good combination of tracks together to make it versatile and challenging for all drivers.

We have done our best to place everyone in the best tier to enable competitive racing.
If we have overlooked you, please accept our apologies and reach out to us. Also contact us if you think you should be in the other tier. We will then look into it and see if we can change your placement.

We've also decided that the reserves are eligible to race on the tracks that can host more than 26 cars. This means that only at Oulton Park there will be a 26 driver limit.

See you on track :stig:

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