TCR League Round 1, Race 3 |

TCR League Round 1, Race 3

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Dec 20, 2017
League: TCR League
Date: 12/09/2019
Members Involved: @Pretender @Rienk @mike66187
Lap & Corner: Lap 2, Final Corner.
Description: Heading into the final corner I take a wider line as I have cars inside only to get hit hard from behind and sent off track.



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Sep 9, 2017
Mike went all the way on the dirt to try and overtake me out of the penultimate corner, gave me a tap which meant I had to catch the rear of the car, which opened a gap of exactly 1 car width (EDIT: After looking at the far chase cam, substantially more than a car width which makes the 2nd hit even worse).

Mike tried a move that would always result with a collision somewhere as he was way too tight to make the corner properly and I was boxed in. He didn't properly go in the gap, if there even was a gap, which gave me another, substantially harder tap which sent me forwards and made the rear of the car just go everywhere. I just couldn't get it to slow down anymore with the wandering rear-end and the extra speed from the hit from behind, which resulted in our collision.

Sorry you got involved in this, but as I see it, it's the result of Mike just driving stupidly and trying a stupid move. It essentially ended both our races.
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Aug 11, 2018
On my screen i did not make contact nor did i get a contact message from iracing nor did i hear any sounds of contact. i was completely in control of my car and that is all i have to say. I dont like the way you are talking here. Its better to stay formal about this.


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Jan 16, 2014
The stewards have decided to give @mike66187 a 10 second time penalty for causing a collision. We feel there were two parts to the incident, the first contact and then the second contact. For the second contact we decided there was too much netcode to have any penalty applied here. The first contact, we believe Mike attempted a move into space that was never there, which unsettled the car ahead which we feel is partly responsible for the car ahead going deep into the final corner.

As Mike did not finish the race, 2 reprimands have been given as a replacement for the 10 second time penalty, instead of just the regular 1.

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