TCR Round 2 Race 3 |

TCR Round 2 Race 3

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Dec 20, 2017
League: TCR League
Date: 19/09/2019
Members Involved: @Pretender @nachopen
Lap & Corner: Lap 1, Hairpin.
Description: Lap 1 of the reverse grid race going into the hairpin Ignacio seems to try an inside tight line when the space isn't there causing contact and sending me off track. After watching the replay back I do see that under braking my car twitches to the side but I do think it was a very risky move to be doing on lap 1, attempting to go 3 wide into the hairpin.



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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
@nachopen has been given a reprimand for this.

We feel that the braking was very tricky for both cars, and it looks like, had the car on the outside not had a small wiggle under braking, the car on the inside could possibly have made the move stick, but at the same time the move was pretty aggressive from the outset for lap 1, and thus a reprimand is deemed appropriate here.

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