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Team Forming Thread


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Aug 25, 2018
I search for a Team to. My platform is PC. Im F3 Driver
  • The platform which you will be looking to participate on
    • PC
  • League racing experience (sell yourself!)
    • 2018 AOR PC F3 driver since 3 races ( 2 unlucky races singapor would have been p3 but had a crash with a backmarker, russia p6 with a dc and a 5 sek stop go (bug), japan p5 (when a penaly from me gets removed which was a bug), so could have driven contantly p4 or further up -> in the next weeks trying to archive "better" results
    • Srl Split 1 EU two 4th places with no practise
    • i am driving f1 2018 since 2019 seriously and i think i have the potential to get better and better (only have 200h)
  • Ideal method of contact (aimed at existing teams being able to contact you)
    • Discord - i7suis / Louis #2470
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Aug 17, 2018
Hello, I recently had a Fanatec and I am very fast at the wheel, I have competed in several championships, one of them, F1 Element, there I won the title with 4 races remaining, when I am mentally 100%, I usually give many shows in the races, I always run without help, in the next season I will also try to qualify for season 17, my platform: xbox one, thanks and regards.

One of my talents as a pilot is that, with only 30 minutes of training, I could run a race without help, if I could practice every day, I would be a much more competitive and complete driver, if any team wants to contact me, speak to me from the forum.
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Mar 26, 2018
Hi im antony, i made a jump from F5 last season to F3 this season on XB1 and im mostly a top 5 runner but in both seasons i got hit some bad luck.. my goal is to push my self and fight for a championship title, for real this time! contact me if you like

Insta: formula_dutch


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Mar 4, 2018
I am ready and willing to take in the is series on PS4. Perfectly clean racer having comepeted in the gt3 and touring car seasons. Always had good feedback from fellow members and random comepetitors on project cars. Best way to contact me would be on PS4 - PSN ID- ESS_AYCH or on here
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Aug 11, 2016


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Aug 20, 2017
Looking for a teammate for PC, have good pace and past league experience, PM me or shoot me a Twitter Dm: @AndiousAndy