Thank you all |

Thank you all


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Jan 13, 2014
As another season comes to an end i would just like to say thank you to all for participating in what was a difficult and testing season in many different ways, when ARL shut down it was not looking very good for us but luckily fisi came to the rescue and AOR was born.

So a special thank you goes out to fisi for all he has done, i would also like to thank all the cods for your time and effort you have put in, it makes my life alot easier with you lot doing your bit, also thanks to craig(therealmoaner) for agreeing to jump in at the deep end and be my partner in crime although he has took to smodding like a duck to water.

now we can get on with organizing season 8 so please bare with us as an announcement will be made shortly.

Again thank you to you all for taking part and see you in season8.