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The Current AOR State

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Jul 27, 2018
AOR Public Statement
28th October 2019

In order to protect people’s jobs and their work relations, individuals and companies will remain nameless throughout this post. I strongly believe that we have absolutely nothing to gain from finger pointing, blame shifting, or exposing others, as this could have serious implications to everyone involved, and nobody is looking to get anyone else in trouble.

Since the foundation of Apex Online Racing in 2010, we have always thrived to improve ourselves, to provide a safe and competitive space for the racing community. Whether it be league coordinating or community building, our vision has been consistent throughout the years; league racing of the highest possible standard that anyone from all backgrounds and skill level can be part of.

Which means, it is with a heavy heart, and dark tone that I must communicate to everyone (the community and partners) what has been happening recently, and how it has escalated to something that is damaging AOR's reputation.

But first, there is one crucial element to be considered when reading this. AOR is most certainly not a faceless corporation - far from it. AOR’s existence is, first and foremost, only possible thanks to the people who have worked tirelessly, and dedicated so much of their free time to make everything possible.
League coordinators, who have to select the appropriate game, car/ track balance, and ensure all drivers respect the rules. Commentators, who have endured long hours to set up and broadcast the races, often sacrificing personal and family time. Graphic designers, who have completely revitalized and helped AOR’s image grow tenfold. Video editors, who managed to introduce a new element of entertainment, and raise the bar for what is possible in our broadcasts. Social team, being in the front lines and enduring all kinds of good and bad situations, to make the community feel welcomed and engaged. Management, the core founders of AOR, who have endlessly pursued new ways of making AOR a recognizable force.
Without these people, AOR and it’s achievements would have not been at all possible.


What is going on?

Late last year (2018) we were approached by a company known for organizing and planning LAN/Esports type events in location based venues. This company offered to do a financial investment in AOR, and given their proven reputation, we accepted. It was an opportunity to grow AOR into unimaginable lengths, and raise the bar for online league racing. We were promised financial help, which we would then put to use on a number of things, such as; cover wages for our current staff, hire a full time graphics, editor and social team staff, award physical and money prizes for our league drivers, and possibly cover new game releases relevant to our community.

A deal was made. And along with it, several plans were discussed and put into practice. Unfortunately, as you may have realised, some of those plans did not work out so well, while others did not happen at all. The first evidence of this was at the end of season 16 of AOR Hype Energy F1 League. We promised a racing simulator rig for the top tier winners on each platform, and a physical trophy for the winners of each tier on all platforms - things that were assured we would be able to provide thanks to our new financial backing.

The simulator rigs were our first problem. A misunderstanding with our investors lead to this being a wheel stand instead - clearly not what we had promised. We only discovered this when the prizes reached the winners. To make matters worse, one of the winners was unable to receive their prize due to shipping costs, which our investors had previously promised to cover.

The trophies, besides having to be purchased, they required an original design approval, which our investors guaranteed they would take care of. This was of course arranged long before the season ended, but unfortunately, they had some copyright issues along the way, something that was completely out of our control, and could have not intervened. As the season ended, those issues were still unresolved, and all we could do was wait, frustratingly, for investors to deal with it. However, as of today, nothing has been resolved yet.

AOR Esports Tournament. We had planned an event where professional teams could take part, and win a money prize pool, with the final race of the tournament to take place at a venue in the United Kingdom. This tournament, much like everything else at this stage, was being organized based on the promises that our investors would deliver. We were tasked with organizing the online elements of the tournament (structure, points system, hosting races, etc), while our investors would handle the physical aspect of it (secure a venue for the final, money prize pool). Sadly though, as the tournament approached it’s last few rounds, we still had not received any confirmation from our investors regarding securing a venue, or indeed the money prize pool.

This is the point where they inexplicably became difficult to deal with. Avoiding any means of communication, which delayed not only the tournament final, but also the prizes we had promised for season 16. Eventually, as things progressed, they would occasionally get back to us with further promises. As we so strongly wanted to deliver on those promises made to the community, naively believed them.


The future.

Why has it taken us so long to release this information? Had we bluntly started to publicly calling out on these investors, there would have been severe implications to us, and to several other people’s jobs. Had that happened, everyone involved would have lost something meaningful, and that is not what AOR is about.

So, why now, and how is this any different? To put it simply; we’re frustrated. We made promises to the community based on other promises made to us, and that has had a negative impact on both AOR’s image, and it’s staff. We could no longer bare to see the stress it is having on all of us, and only wish to make AOR a fun and safe place for everyone once more.

Our next step is to rebuild AOR. We hope that you stay along with us in this new chapter, as we aim to give more attention to the community, more support to the staff, and focus on what we are good at; fun and competitive online league racing.
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